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The Nordic partners in EUDAT (CSC-IT Center for Science, SNIC, and SIGMA) have proposed NeIC (Nordic e-infrastructure Collaboration) to fund a project, “B2Share Nordic”, to develop and customize the B2Share service for Nordic communities. B2Share is a service developed by EUDAT for researchers who want to long-term store and share research data. Some communities that have been identified as targets are INCF, CLARIN, EPOS, ICOS, BBMRI, EISCAT, CLSi, EATRIS, NRM (SE), NHM (NO). The service is especially suited for open science where research is taking place in collaborative networks and datasets are publicly published.

This project will contribute to the e-infrastructure of Nordic research by developing a cross-boundary service for research dataset and associated metadata storage and sharing. The project engages with Nordic research communities to discuss their requirements for small research data storage, and co-designs B2share metadata extensions and a premium version that meet the specific needs of the communities.

The project will provide Nordic research communities with the foundations for a new storage service that will enable them to store and share research data with their colleagues, strengthen the weight of the Nordic players within research communities and EUDAT, and foster collaboration, at Nordic level, of national research groups and service providers. The B2Share service tackles the issue of loss of research data by building a service for long-term data storage with persistent identifiers.

The project ended 31st of October 2014

More information

Steering group

  • Michaela Barth (NeIC, Chair)
  • Andreas Jaunsen (nominated by UNINETT Sigma)
  • Erwin Laure (nominated by SNIC)
  • Per Öster (nominated by CSC from May, 2014. Was Dan Still until April, 2013)

Project Manager

  • Teemu Kemppainen (teemu.kemppainen (at) csc.fi) (until May 2014)
  • Dan Still (dan.still (at) csc.fi) (from May 2014)

Project End Date

31st of October 2014


  • Intermediate final report including deliverables as approved by Steering Group on September 4th: Media:B2Share-Nordic-Final-Report.pdf (will be updated at the end of the prolongation on October 31st)








Final Report

The project final report was submitted 31st of October 2014 and approved by all members of the steering group November 13th.


Project Assessment

Weekly meetings

Quarterly reports