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NeIC has a strategic focus on spreading knowledge, and facilitates cross-border participation in excellent training in e-science and e-infrastructure in the Nordics.

As per January 2017, we are hiring a NeIC Training Manager.

This section lists information hubs for training among NeIC partners and stakeholders. Please contact NeIC if you would like to advertize your training activity here, and you believe it is in scope for NeIC.

National e-infrastructure provider training:


Training calendar

NeIC uses a shared calendar to collect and disseminate information on upcoming training events that are either arranged by NeIC or partners, or are of interest to NeIC and its stakeholders. The information in this calendar does not supersede or overrule any official information by the training organizers, so interested parties should take care to refer to the official website for each training for accurate and up-to-date information on for example admittance, costs, etc. The training calendar can for example be viewed here:

The information is maintained in the public neic-training Google calendar, which you add to your favourite calendar application to view in your phone or elsewhere. Some help on various ways to access a public Google calendar is available here. Otherwise, refer to your calendar application manual.

The Google calendar ID is

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