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NeIC has a strategic focus on spreading knowledge, and facilitates cross-border participation in excellent training in e-science and e-infrastructure in the Nordics.

This section lists information hubs for training among NeIC partners and stakeholders. Please contact NeIC if you would like to advertize your training activity here, and you believe it is in scope for NeIC.

National e-infrastructure provider training:

Subscribe to the NeIC Training Newsletter

NeIC training newsletter weekly, published on Thursdays Showing upcoming Nordic training events from the neic-training calendar Please follow the links for up to date and accurate information.

To subscribe to this newsletter please go here:

Alternatively, you can send an email with subject Subscribe to If you know of an upcoming training event that would be suitable for this list, please contact us at

You can also follow this feed at

Promotion text to national Training Newsletters

The Ratatosk travel grant is part of the NeIC Ratatosk Mobility Enhancement Programme.

Are you aware that the Ratatosk travel grants are a support to boost the eScience training throughout the Nordics?

These grants are intended to provide or supplement travel funding for staff and end users (researchers) of the Nordic e-infrastructure community who can benefit from access to training programs offered in other Nordic countries. For more information about the grants visit:

For upcoming training events, refer to the Nordic training calendar: The NeIC training page provides direct links to the relevant webpages of the e-infrastucture providers in the Nordics.

Training calendar

NeIC uses a shared calendar to collect and disseminate information on upcoming training events that are either arranged by NeIC or partners, or are of interest to NeIC and its stakeholders. NeIC emphasizes all forms of training focusing on e-Science and e-Infrastructure skills, also courses including webinars, available through streaming for remote access, to be recorded for offline access, enabling viewer to watch the recorded training sessions at any time.

Using different formats on webpage and embedd to calendar: Imbedding command: <iframe src="" style="border: 0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> More info on different layouts and embedding options go to NeIC Calendar section, add a link to cal usage section in the wiki.

Check out You can create an account, once you have done that you can ask for administrative account from User:Michaela_Barth.

Suggest a session, ever had an idea for a training session? Let us know!

The information in this calendar does not supersede or overrule any official information by the training organizers, so interested parties should take care to refer to the official website for each training for accurate and up-to-date information on for example admittance, costs, etc. The training calendar can for example be viewed here:

How to add an event in the Google Calendar

(You are welcome to add a training event, being NeIC partners, stakeholders or affiliated). The Google calendar ID is

  • Use yr access to yr google account or create an account
  • Enter
  • Choose, training, if not prompted
  • Add headline / course name - please also, add city, country code.
  • Add date and/or time
  • Add event details like address, free of choice
  • In text field, add 'Website:' enter link - please note the web interface adds styling to pasted links by default. Kindly note always "remove the hyperlink" manually from pasted urls so that they just look like text in the description field, and not like a clickable link.
  • Finally, don't forget to 'save' the event

You are welcome to add a training event, being NeIC partners, stakeholders or affiliated. The google Calendar ID is A training event is generated with javascript in your browser, so if you cannot see any events here please check your settings. The information is maintained in the public neic-training Google calendar, which you add to your favourite calendar application to view in your phone or elsewhere. Some help on various ways to access a public Google calendar is available here. Otherwise, refer to your calendar application manual.

Are you GDPR compliant ?

How to ensure to take sufficient steps to safeguard the privacy of your data subject

Points to be mentioned when invites sign up for workshops:

  • why collected, types of data, who shared with (we probably say anonymous form only). Your data only comes from what you decide to provide to us. You will never be affected by this data except as given here.
  • my own invention but likely matches with our philosophy: right to register anonymously.
  • how long stored (x months after workshop, x years, 5 years?)
  • if you believe something is wrong, let us know.
  • if you want to be removed from announcement list, let us know. The workshop registration can be canceled before and removed, otherwise we keep it for survey.
  • we always keep affiliations and academic position long term for reporting
  • right to lodge complaint with supervisory authority (way too complex for us, but OK)
  • if you want access to your data or to be removed, email us from the address you have used for registration (also a bit complex for us, but OK)
  • when attending a workshop, we use external services and guide you to register for accounts in them. We don't control this data, and this is not required to take part in the workshop.

Data currently collected:

  • registering for workshops
  • submitting email to be notified of upcoming workshops near you
  • info required to send certificates
  • post-workshop survey

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