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The NeIC Community Wikis (“The Service”) provide a place where NeIC members and partners can share and spread information. The Service is hosted by the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen (“we”, “us”). Requests regarding this policy can be directed to The Service is hosted in Denmark (DK) and is governed by Danish law.

The following data is retrieved from your Home Organization:

  • your full name (eduPersonNickname)
  • your email address (mail)
  • a pseudonymous identifier (eduPersonTargetedID)
  • a scoped identifier (eduPersonPrincipalName)
  • the identity of your Home Organization (schacHomeOrganization)
  • the level of assurance of correct authentication (eduPersonAssurance)

The data your host organization sends to The Service will be shown when you log in. You can also find the recorded name and email address in your “Preferences” which can be found under “Special Pages” when you are logged in. Your full name will be publicly visible. Your email will be used to send you notifications, but will not be displayed. It may also be used to contact you about your access to the wikis. Other attributes are used by The Service and by us to ensure correct identification.

The server running The Service logs each request your browser makes towards the service. Such a log entry includes the location of the page with query parameters, your IP number, and your authentication ID if available. These logs are used for forensics and debugging. They are kept for up to 2 months on our server, and remains on backup after that. We only share personally identifiable data with NeIC personnel or if required by law.

Your personal data will be protected according to the Code of Conduct for Service Providers (Version 1.0, 14 June 2013) [1], a common standard for the research and higher education sector to protect your privacy.

We will anonymise or remove your wiki account 5 years after your last login, provided you have not edited any wiki pages and provided you do not have or have had a contract with NeIC within the last 12 months. This anonymisation does not apply to personally identifiable information which may have been edited into the wiki content by yourself or others. If you edit any wiki page, we will only remove your account upon request. This is due to our interest in keeping authorship information of wiki pages and due to technical limitations of the software powering the wikis. If you need to edit pages and want to avoid a permanent record, we can register you under a pseudonym, in agreement with your area coordinator or NeIC contact.

The content of the wiki pages is maintained by the NeIC collaboration. As a contributor, you are responsible for only posting content in accordance with Danish and European law. If you wish your personal data in wiki pages changed or removed, you should first contact the maintainers of the pages in question, who can be identified from the page history if not apparent from the content itself. We can offer advice to you and page maintainers about how to identify and remove content and, if needed, perform more complete removal than possible from the wiki.

This service does not fulfil the conditions set by GDPR for hosting sensitive data; accordingly you must not post data which requires that level of protection.

If you become aware of data breaches or content which should not have been posted to the wiki, contact us at as soon as possible.