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Collaboration is at the core of most or even all activities in NeIC. This page collects links to pages describing relevant aspects of NeIC collaboration.

If you find this page incomplete or wrong, please ask Joel Hedlund to fix it.

Community building

NeIC likes to connect the experts who work with similar challenges in various Nordic organizations, to build networks to where expertise, experience and good solutions can be shared, and where good collaboratons can be formed.

NeIC likes to run and fund Nordic workshops. Workshops are low-cost, low-risk endeavours that build collaborations and produce concrete results, and it is generally unproblematic for employing institutions to send relevant staff.
Communication technologies
How NeIC likes to interact for various purposes.


Most activity in NeIC takes the form of collaborative projects, that is structured activities to reach defined and measurable goals within given time and resource allocations. This section describes how NeIC project are set up and run.

NeIC project model
What you need to know about Tieto PPS in as little time as possible.
Activity initiation
Most NeIC activities take the form of running projects for concrete e-infrastructure improvements in the Nordics, but it can in some cases also operate services. This page describes the process of starting new activities.
Project process
Your one-stop step-by-step guide from idea to starting, running and successfully finishing a NeIC collaborative activity.
Project organization
A complete breakdown of the roles inside NeIC projects, and who does what.

Strategic processes

Letters of interest
NeIC starts new activities based on board decisions that are informed by submitted letters of interest or input from partners. Letters and process information is available here.


Approved NeIC policies.
Manuals and Internal manuals
Established procedures and helpful guides.