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NeIC uses a Google calendar called neic-events to disseminate information on upcoming events of interest to NeIC or its stakeholders, such as workshops, conferences or major meetings.


The neic-events Google calendar is accessible through a variety of means.

Calendar program

After you have added the neic-events calendar to your calendar program of choice, you can browse and edit it like you normally do.

Use whichever format that suits your calendar program:

Google calendar web interface

After you have added the neic-events calendar to your list of calendars in the google calendar web interface, you can browse and edit it like you normally do.

  1. Click the little boxed "down arrow" icon to the right of "Other calendars" in the left hand side pane (yay web interfaces).
  2. Click "Add a friend's calendar" in the popup menu.
  3. Give the calendar id (sdmmpsbtk54hdvob60rjhfnnvo@group.calendar.google.com).


Most modern web browsers can read RSS:

RSS feed

Many web browsers also support adding this as an "active bookmark" or "live bookmark", that will keep itself updated as new events get added. To do this, click the link and follow prompts onscreen to subscribe.

Web view

  • Calendar view, use the < and > buttons on top to navigate to other months.
  • Agenda view, click "Look for more" for future events.

Add events

NeIC staff can add events to the neic-events calendar. For access rights, contact your project leader or area coordinator and state your Gmail address or other preferred email address for authorization.

To add events, add this calendar to your #calendar program, and add them like you normally do.

Make your events look nice

Please look at other events for examples.

To get the events to display nicely in the wiki widget (like on the current events page):

  • Please give a very concise title.
  • (Optional) provide a description.
    • The first line of the description is assumed to be a one line summary of the event. If you do not want to write such a summary, but still want to provide further details, please start the description with a blank line, and then go on and write whatever you like.
    • If you want, you can then follow this up with however many more lines of details as you like. Blank lines are also fine, use them if it makes things more readable. Web links and links to wiki pages for more details are useful to include. There is generally no need to include dates and times as that's already given.
    • If you want, add a title link and some hashtags (see below).

The wiki widget hides the details part by default, but the user can still bring it up by clicking the "show/hide details" links.

Title links

Keywords: webpage, website, homepage, more information, more info, site, event, info, wikipage, wiki, googlecalendar.

The widget will look for these keywords, in this order. First found will be used. If none is found then the widget will link to the event in Google calendar instead.

This widget will try to make the title of each event a clickable link to more information on the event. To do this it will look through the description text for each event to find suitable links. In order for the widget to find a link it must be clearly marked, on the form "keyword: url" on a line of its own. For example:

Wikipage: http://wiki.neic.no/wiki/NeIC2015
Website: http://www.uppnex.se/events/eInfraMPS2015
Event: http://www.nordicehealth.se/attachements/flyer_NIASC_mtg_Jan2015_b.pdf


Adding hashtags to your event description makes your events easier to find and filter. Try it: search for #highlight in the neic-event calendar and see what you find!

Hashtags also make it possible filter an event list depending on context, to show only the relevant items.

The NeIC wiki uses these hashtags:

Hashtag Meaning
#highlight Important advertized event. Used in event short lists, like on the front page and at the top of the current (and past) events pages.
#activityname Related to an activity, for example #Tryggve.
#outreach Related to an outreach activity, for example a #Tryggve stakeholder meeting, or a presentation at a conference.
#publication A proper publication, like the Cognitus report.

You are free to add whatever hashtags you like to your event. Hashtags are case insensitive, can be added anywhere in the event description, and must be separate words prefixed by #. Example:

#highlight #tryggve #outreach 

To find out what hashtags are needed to get your event to show in a certain place on the wiki, edit the page and look for "hashtags=".

Add an event list to a wiki page

This wiki uses a mediawiki widget Widget:GoogleCalendarEventList to display these events on various pages, like the current events page and the front page.

To add an event list to a wiki page:

  1. Find an event list that does roughly what you want. See for example the front page, or the current events or past events pages.
  2. Copy the {{widget:GoogleCalendarEventList ... }} code block to your page.
  3. Optional: Change the hashtags to what you want. This should be a comma separated case insensitive list of names of hashtags that you require for events to be shown in this list. No literal # characters.
  4. Optional: If you want to show events from some other calendar that neic-events, change the google calendar id in the url to what you want.

To go beyond the basics, read the docs on the Widget:GoogleCalendarEventList page.