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Version: 1.1

NeIC has a role as a facilitator of international multi-partner collaborations in areas where national priorities align. This ensures that NeIC does not engage in conflicted areas or with disinterested parties. NeIC thus has both the freedom and the motivation to be very open and transparent in its day-to-day activities, just as in its stakeholder interactions. This document describes the NeIC-fu of stakeholder engagement.

NeIC Strategy 2016-2020 defines the NeIC vision as:

NeIC is a global role model for cross-border distributed and sustainable e-infrastructure services.

In order to achieve this vision, NeIC needs to have effective engagements with all of its stakeholders, across a wide range of organizations, capacities and functions. To have meaningful engagements, each relation must be developed individually, but in a framework that is scalable within the resources available and adaptable to a wide range of circumstances. NeIC is approaching this as an ongoing process for benchmarking and responding to stakeholders, and is using it to refine the NeIC strategy in its other three focus areas; pool competencies, share resources, and secure long term funding, each of which is critically dependent on effectively engaging and working with the stakeholders.

The NeIC stakeholder map distinguishes between stakeholder interactions that are primarily of strategic versus tactical in nature. The strategic stakeholder engagements are characterized by high level interactions with NeIC on long term goals and directions within the appropriate international, organizational and financial envelopes. The tactical stakeholder engagements are much more wide ranging in terms of content and inclusion of personnel with a range of skills and backgrounds, and are generally are carried out through the ongoing activities. NeIC also has a number of cross-cutting engagements (such as the bi-annual NeIC conferences) that engages stakeholders across many categories of the map. Since NeIC does not engage in conflicted areas or with disinterested parties, NeIC stakeholder analyses need not take analyses of stakeholder disinterest into account and are thus unproblematic to make publicly available.

The NeIC stakeholder engagement plan complements the stakeholder map with planned modes and frequencies of engagement, intended to ensure constructive development of mutual interests.

Engagements are followed up and documented openly and transparently through the stakeholder engagement monitoring mechanism. The stakeholder engagement is updated continually for each new strategy period, to ensure that NeIC's engagements remain appropriate in the evolving Nordic e-science ecosystem.

All of these processes are underpinned by NeIC policies on Openness, Information, Shared personnel information, and Working routines.