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NeIC always strives to adopts working routines that facilitate the flow of information, ease decision making and make work more efficient.

Use your head

Fit routines to your project, not the other way around.

All projects are different, with different needs, resources, timescales and problem statements. NeIC personnel are all highly skilled experts trusted by their home institutions to put their skills to use on the international arena. NeIC is about sharing expertise and best practices in good collaboration, so all input on how to improve working routines in your project are warmly welcome.

The working routines outlined here describe how things are expected to work in NeIC, with the intention to ease interaction and information flow between projects.

The ambition is to use working routines that allow open, transparent and efficient work, while adding little or even negative overhead. All of our working routines should strive to add to the NeIC core values.

NeIC core values
Motivated by providing added value to researchers and engaging actively with our stakeholders. Open, reliable and continuously striving to improve in our work.

--from NeIC strategy 2016-2020


NeIC uses the Tieto PPS model and vocabulary for most if its activities. As license customers, PPS online is available to NeIC personnel as an online reference and glossary. Login information is available on the PPS online page on the internal wiki. Feel free to refer to it as needed.

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