NeIC Strategy 2016-2020

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Approved by NeIC Board, December 2015.

Vision (Where)

NeIC is a global role model for cross-border distributed and sustainable e-infrastructure services.

Strategy 2020 (How) -- Replaced with 2020-2025 Strategy

Pool and Share

Enhance the productivity of researchers in the Nordic region beyond national efforts through new services, pooling competencies and sharing the resources of national e-infrastructure providers. Strengthen partnerships and prospects for long-term funding through active stakeholder dialogue to promote sustainable services.

Focus Areas (What)

Pool Competencies

  • Map skills, identify and prioritise needs
  • Establish NeIC and cross-border training programmes
  • Make NeIC more attractive to competent personnel

Share Resources

  • Launch pilot projects to establish ambition levels
  • Create framework agreement (scope, CPU/storage)
  • Establish enabling processes and technologies

Secure Long-Term Funding

  • Map funding sources, modalities and application mechanisms
  • Agree on total funding and share from each funding source
  • Adapt to unaligned funding periods

Strengthen Stakeholder Dialogue

  • Map stakeholders and partnerships
  • Create engagement plan (frequency, means)
  • Implement stakeholder and partnership monitoring (incl. surveys)

Mission (Why)

Accelerate development and provisioning of cost-effective, best-in-class e-infrastructure services beyond national capabilities.

Values (Guiding our work)

Motivated by providing added value to researchers and engaging actively with our stakeholders. Open, reliable and continuously striving to improve in our work.

Draft: NeIC Strategy for 2020-2025

The following document is a draft of the new NeIC strategy. It has been circulated for comments in April 2019.