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This page describes the work implementing FA-4. Strengthen stakeholder dialogue, which is one of 4 focus areas in the NeIC Strategy 2016-2020.

Responsible: Joel Hedlund


The NeIC Stakeholder engagement manifesto is a 1-page overview describing the NeIC way of engaging with stakeholders.


All NeIC's stakeholder engagements: Stakeholder engagement monitoring

In February 2017 NeIC established a new process for keeping track of its stakeholder engagements. The core of this process is one wiki page, from which all records of NeIC's stakeholder engagements should be intuitively reachable, as well as metainformation such as whom to contact in case of missing information:

Stakeholder engagement monitoring

This page is also used by NeIC management to monitor that stakeholder engagements are carried out appropriately according to the stakeholder engagement plan, both continuously and in order to carry out annual reporting on stakeholder engagement to the NeIC board.