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The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration, NeIC, facilitates the development and operation of advanced IT tools and services in areas of importance to Nordic researchers.



Day-to-day management of NeIC is handled by the executive team (XT), chaired by the Director.

Functions of the XT include strategy implementation, project ownership, project portfolio management, committee facilitation, NeIC office management, facilitating the work of the NeIC board, and communications. Project ownership includes steering group representation. Project portfolio management includes supporting project managers and stimulating mutual learning and improvement.

Functions of the project managers: project management (team leadership), facilitation of project steering group meetings, engaging with project's stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Public Documents

See our list of Public documents, including governance and strategy documents, policies, annual reports, scientific reports and other.


This page lists current NeIC activities. If an activity that you expected to find here is missing, please contact us at Contact so we can fix it.

Name Countries Start End Description
CodeRefinery3 DK FI NO SE 220301 250228 Increasing competence in research software development
EOSC-Nordic DK EE FI IS LV LT NO SE (24 partners) 190901 221130 Nordic contribution to EOSC, externally funded project
Heilsa Tryggvedottir DK EE FI NO SE 210615 240614 Nordic collaboration on sensitive data
NICEST2 DK FI NO SE 200601 230531 Collaboration on e-infrastructures for earth system modeling
NMD DK FI NO SE 221201 241130 Facilitating access and use of Nordic microdata
NordIQuEst DK EE FI NO SE 220401 250331 Nordic-Estonian quantum computing e-infrastructure quest
Puhuri DK EE FI IS NO SE 200601 250531 Seamless access to supercomputing resources
Energy-efficient Weather Prediction at Exascale (EWPE) FI 220601 230530 Description to be added.
Development of community standard operating procedures for the Nordic-Baltic Genebanks Information Management System SE 220601 230530
Nordic Computational biology NO 230101 231231 Description to be added.
Nordic WLCG Tier-1 facility (NT-1) DK FI NO SE 060101 NDGF Tier1 is one of 14 regional computing centres of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid.

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Strategy and values

Core values

The core values governing all of NeIC's activities are:

  • NeIC services and development are motivated by providing added value to Nordic research.
  • NeIC shares knowledge and develops competence on advanced e-infrastructure solutions.
  • NeIC works in open and transparent ways to be a trustworthy partner.
  • NeIC strives to improve continuously in what we do.


The vision for NeIC is to be a global role model for cross-border distributed and sustainable e-infrastructure collaborations. NeIC activities will center on digital infrastructure for Nordic research excellence.

NeIC Strategy 2020-2025

There are four strategic objectives in the NeIC 2020-2025 strategy:

  • Beneficial collaborations are the principal way that NeIC brings together the needs, interests and resources to create e-infrastructure to support research excellence in the Nordic region.
  • Nordic Influence is the effect that NeIC has in improving and advancing e-infrastructure for researchers and for society.
  • Motivated People are essential in the collaborations and to bring the results into the research domains and society.
  • Effective processes bind NeIC into an organization that is able to realize the benefits and influences that come from the collaborations.
NeIC Priorities 2020-2025

These components of the strategy connect to three ranked priorities that justify the activities and projects that NeIC works on. The ranked priorities are:

  • Deep Nordic interactions and collaborations
  • Society, Ethics and Sustainability for research and societal value and sustainability through e-infrastructure collaborations
  • Wide international interactions, collaborations and new roles.

Nordic Added Value

NeIC has developed a description of Nordic Added Value (NAV) as it relates to NeIC and the stakeholders in NeIC projects and included an explanation for choosing the elements derived from a search of relevant literature on added value, including beyond the Nordic region. The goal was to provide a realistic and realizable framework for evaluating and communicating the added value provided to the Nordic region by NeIC projects.

The major elements of Nordic added value for NeIC activities is:

  • Enable excellence in research
    • Increase the competitiveness of Nordic researchers in EU research activities or other international research cooperation
    • Increase the ability of the region to attract talent and investments, and enhance its appeal as a partner in cooperation
  • Add value to the Nordics beyond national capabilities in e-infrastructure
    • Enhance sustainability and integration by sharing infrastructure or data or harmonising systems for utilising data and other resources in the Nordic region
    • Develop platforms for international cooperation
  • Increase competence and competitiveness in e-infrastructure
    • Help to build critical mass and/or expertise at the Nordic level in important disciplines or research areas
    • Lead to networking among the Nordic countries
  • Act as a global role model for e-infrastructure collaborations
    • Create the profile of a knowledge-based region
    • Create a model for Europe in transnational research co-operation.

The full description is accessible here.

Society, Ethics and Sustainability

For the strategic period 2020–2025 the NeIC Board decided to put emphasis on Society, Ethics and Sustainability as a mechanism to define and clarify NeIC’s role especially in the Nordic region. NeIC developed a policy that outlines the concept of Society, Ethics and Sustainability in the NeIC context and initiates a discussion on how to consider and act on this priority.

The policy document contains actions for NeIC to address each of the aspects of society, ethics and sustainability. We have also included criteria regarding society, ethics and sustainability in the NeIC policy for project selection.

The policy document is available here.