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The NeIC facilitates the development and operation of advanced IT tools and services in areas of importance to Nordic researchers.

Core values

The core values governing all of NeIC's activities are:

  • NeIC services and development will be motivated by providing added value to researchers.
  • NeIC will be a reliable partner displaying integrity, transparency, and accountability in all processes.
  • NeIC will strive to be open; to new ideas and opportunities, and to its outputs in terms of knowledge, tools and services.
  • NeIC will strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of its operation.
  • NeIC will give priority to stakeholder engagement.

Strategy and focus areas

The NeIC strategy encompasses four focus areas: pool competencies, share resources, secure long-term funding and strengthen stakeholder dialogue. Those focus areas are further described in the strategy implementation plan and they are also supported by activities (separate section below) and working groups. Current working groups are

  • Pool competencies working group - How to pool competences from the five countries to make the Nordics capable of tackling e-­infrastructure challenges beyond what is currently possible on singular national scales.
  • Provider forum -Fostering ideas and offering technical advice on current activites.

Newcomers to NeIC looking to learn more about how NeIC operates may like to read this page: Welcome to NeIC


Org. chart 2017

Day-to-day management of NeIC is handled by the Executive Team (XT), chaired by the Director. Functions of the XT include strategy implementation, project ownership, project portfolio management, committee facilitation, NeIC office management, facilitating the work of the NeIC board, NeIC commons. Project ownership includes steering group representation. Project portfolio management includes supporting project managers and stimulating mutual learning and improvement.

Functions of the Project Managers: Project management (team leadership), facilitation of project steering group meetings, engaging with project's stakeholders and beneficiaries, contribution to NeIC commons.

The ’NeIC commons’ is the wide range of common functions and services that keep our organisation flourishing. Some of these are offered through dedicated roles but several others need to be contributed by team members at large. NeIC staff are prepared to volunteer a fraction (say, 10%) of their available time to the NeIC commons in agreement with their team leader.


This page lists current NeIC activities. If an activitiy that you expected to find here is missing, please contact us Contact so we can fix it. In the meantime, you might still find it on the project category page.

Name Countries Start End Description
DeepDive DK FI NO SE IS EE 170101 191231 Nordic-Baltic Collaboration on e-Infrastructures for Biodiversity Informatics
CodeRefinery2 DK FI NO SE 181101 211031 Increasing Competence in Research Software development
Dellingr DK FI NO IS 170110 200314 Nordic Collaboration on resource sharing
EISCAT_3D Data Solutions EISCAT FI NO SE 180501 200430 The NeIC EISCAT_3D technical support for EISCAT_3D community on network, computing and storage challenges.
Glenna2 DK FI IS NO SE 170101 200330 Nordic cloud collaboration - continuation of Glenna project
iOBS FI NO SE 181xxx 201xxx Improved Observation Usage in Numerical Weather Prediction
NICEST DK FI NO SE 170101 191231 Nordic Collaboration on e-Infrastructures for Earth System Modeling
NLPL DK FI NO SE 170101 191231 Implementing a Nordic virtual laboratory for Natural Language Processing
Tryggve2 DK FI NO SE 171021 201031 A Nordic platform for sensitive BMS research data.
Nordic WLCG tier-1 facility DK FI NO SE 060101 NDGF Tier1 is one of 11 regional computing centres of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid.
Ratatosk Training Programme DK FI IS NO SE 170401 Coordinating, disseminating and arranging training on e-infrastructure topics across the Nordic countries.

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Current Events


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Collaboration is at the core of most or even all activities in NeIC. The ways to interact with NeIC are described on the page on Collaboration. If you are pressed for time, here is a quick breakdown: NeIC collaboration model for dummies.

Collaboration with NeIC is mainly through one of the following paths:

  1. Open invitation to the Nordic e-Infrastructure community to propose or develop ideas within current NeIC strategy
      Activity initiation
  2. Responding to letters of interest to start new activities or projects within NeIC.

List of Projects.

Public Documents


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Past Events


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