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This page contains public information about the project NICEST2.

Expected Start: June 2020

Budget: 7.8 person years (2.6 per year)



Consortium: see

Background and Goals

NICEST-2 - the second phase of the Nordic Collaboration on e-Infrastructures for Earth System Modelling focuses on strengthening the Nordic position within climate modelling by leveraging, reinforcing and complementing ongoing initiatives. It builds on previous efforts within NICEST (a 3-year NeIC project as of 2017-01) and NordicESM (3-year NordForsk funded project from 2014-12).

Planned activities include:

  • Enhance the performance and optimize and homogenize workflows used, so climate models (like EC-EARTH and NorESM) can be run in an efficient way on future computing resources (e.g. EuroHPC LUMI).
  • Widen the usage and expertise on evaluating Earth System Models and develop new diagnostic modules for the Nordic region within the ESMValTool.
  • Create a roadmap for FAIRification of Nordic climate model data.


Steering group

Meetings, 3-4 per year: NICEST2 steering group minutes

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Collaboration Forum

The Collaboration Forum meets once a year. It's members (sorted by size of contribution):

  • Michaela Barth, NeIC
  • Hamish Struthers, NSC, SE
  • Francesca Iozzi, Sigma2, NO
  • Risto Makkonen, FMI, FI
  • Øyvind Seland, METNO, NO
  • Mats Bentsen, NORCE, NO
  • Yanchun He, NERSC, NO
  • Arto Aniluoto, CSC, FI
  • Michael Boy, University of Helsinki/INAR, FI
  • Shuting Yang, DMI, DK
  • Klaus Zimmermann, SMHI, SE
  • Aarne Männik, TalTech, EE


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NICEST2 management meetings (internal)

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  • (to be collected here)

Public documents