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Community Forming Pre-Study: Energy-efficient Weather Prediction at Exascale

Numerical Weather Prediction at Exascale (NWPE) is initiative in the Nordic countries with a working group spanning Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. The project is currently funded as a community-forming pre-study by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration NeIC.

Final report


The Nordics will be in a unique position in terms of access to HPC resources when the LUMI supercomputer becomes available in 2021 in Kajaani, Finland. However the HPC expertise needed to improve and transform the existing code base onto modern exa scale architectures is scarce and scattered around the Nordics. The national meteorological services (NMS) actively engage with the national HPC providers, but harnessing the power of exascale class capacity will require even closer collaboration across the Nordic borders.


Planned Workshops

  1. st Workshop: Onboarding and scoping of activities (during NeIC Conference June 2022)
  2. nd Workshop: Accelerating data simulation: observation handling
  3. rd Workshop: Accelerating data simulation: machine learning
  4. th Workshop: Pre study review and results
1st Workshop planning
Tentative Program (under development)
NeIC Conference page
Workshop WWW page


Aleksi Kallio (CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd., Finland)

Dan Still (CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. Finland)

Xiaohua Yang (Danish Meteorological Institute, Denmark)

Sami Niemelä (Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland)

Niko Sokka (Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland)

Sami Saarinen (HPC Consulting Ltd Finland)

Jørn Kristiansen (Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway)

Martin Lilleeng Sætra (Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway)

Heiner Körnich (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute,Sweden)

Ulf Andrae (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Sweden)