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Workshop on Weather prediction at Exascale in Oslo Norway 2nd to 3rd of June 2022

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Place: Quality Hotel™ Hasle Linie, Oslo, Norway
Time: Thursday 2022-06-02 12:00 CEST to Friday 2022-06-03 13:00 CEST

The introduction of accelerators and novel hardware architectures (e.g. GPUs, FPGAs and CGRAs) for HPC promises large performance increases, but also requires substantial refactoring and rewriting of existing code bases. 

Topics: Successfully onboarding experts for “porting” of large model systems to new hardware architectures, strategy, tooling, methods for refactoring, etc. This workshop will be used to inform the later workshops with regards to scope, content, and participants.
The workshop has received funding from Nordic E-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). It is the first of four workshops organized by CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd in collaboration with United Weather Centres (UWC) on the subject of Energy-efficient Weather Prediction at Exascale.
 Note! This is a two-day lunch-to-lunch Workshop subsequent to, and co-located, with the MetCoOp workshop. We start with lunch on the 2nd and end with lunch on the 3rd

Registration and Accommodation

There is no registration fee for the workshop. Participants pay themselves for travel and accommodation. There are a limited number of rooms pre-booked at the venue Hotel on a ‘first served’ basis. The organizers handle room booking, but each participant has to pay (1680 NOK, breakfast included) for their own room when checking in or out. Please let us know if you do NOT want to stay at the venue Hotel.

Update May 11th 2022: Please note that the limit has been reached for pre-booked hotel rooms.
For late registrations please arrange your own accomodation. Be advised there might still be rooms available at the venue.

Please register latest May 24th 2022 by email with: "Ellen Vaarby Laursen" indicating:

  • Name, email and affiliation
  • Do you wish to make use of a pre-booked room at the venue Hotel (pay 1680 NOK to the Hotel when checking in or out)?
  • Do you wish to participate in the workshop dinner Thursday evening on 2 June?

Your registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation email (usually within a few days).
Names of registered participants will eventually be shown on this wiki page (updated regularly, with some delay)

Address of the location:
Quality Hotel™ Hasle Linie
Bøkkerveien 15 0579 Oslo , Norge,10.7947
Telefon: +47 21 95 78 00


Thursday 02-06-2022

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Introduction
13:30 Ole Nikolai Vignes - MetCoOp HPC
14:00 Carlos Osuna, Team Lead DSL and GPU developent, MeteoSwiss - COSMO/ICON GPU
14:30 Coffee
15:00 AMD GPU architecture - Mazda Sabony, Director of Software Applications Engineering AMD
15:30 NVIDIA Earth-2 Digital Twins Initiative - Stan Posey, HPC Program Manager, NVIDIA Corp.
16:00 David Keyes – ExaGeoStat and PaRSEC ring the Bell - Reshaping Geostatistical Modeling and Prediction for Extreme-Scale Environmental Applications
19:00 Dinner at venue

Friday 03-06-2022
08:00-09:30 Breakfast
09:30 Rolf Heilemann Myhre – ACCORD WP on HPC/GPU
10:00 Roger Randriamampianina - DestinE
10:30 Discussion
12:00-13:00 Lunch
End of Workshop


  1. Ellen Vaarby Laursen (UWC PM)
  2. Xiaohua Yang (DMI)
  3. Niko Sokka (FMI)
  4. Dan Still (CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.)
  5. Theodor (Teddi) Freyr Hervarsson (IMO)
  6. Martin Lilleeng Sætra (MET Norway)
  7. Tomas Karlsson (SMHI)
  8. Ulf Andrae (SMHI)
  9. Jørn Kristiansen (MET Norway)
  10. Rolf Heilemann Myhre (MET Norway)
  11. Lars Berggren (SMHI)
  12. Trygve Aspelien (MET Norway)
  13. Bert van Ulft (KNMI)
  14. Ivar Ansper (ESTEA)
  15. Yogesh V Kumkar (MET Norway)
  16. Ole Vignes (MET Norway)
  17. Matti Keränen (FMI)
  18. Roger Randriamampianina (MET Norway)
  19. John Bjørnar Bremnes (MET Norway)
  20. Yurii Batrak (MET Norway)
  21. Jacob Weismann Poulsen (DMI)
Organizing Committee 
Dan Still (CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.), Martin Lilleeng Sætra (MET Norway), Ingvar Kristinsson (IMO), Tomas Karlsson (SMHI), Niko Sokka (FMI), Xiaohua Yang (DMI), Ellen Vaarby Laursen (UWC PM)

Remote connection

We will try to provide you with some remote connection, so you can listen in.


You don't need to register if you only want to connect remotely.
Please note that those remotely connected will not be able to participate in the discussions