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EOSC-Nordic aims to facilitate the coordination of EOSC relevant initiatives within the Nordic and Baltic countries and exploit synergies to achieve greater harmonisation at policy and service provisioning across these countries, in compliance with EOSC agreed standards and practices. By doing so, the project seeks to establish the Nordic and Baltic countries as frontrunners in the take-up of the EOSC concept, principles and approach. EOSC-Nordic brings together a strong consortium of 24 partners including e-Infrastructure providers, research performing organisations and expert networks, with national mandates with regards to the provision of research services and open science policy, and wide experience of engaging with the research community and mobilising national governments, funding agencies, international bodies and global initiatives and high-level experts on EOSC strategic matters.


  • Project number: 857652
  • Call identifier: H2020-INFRAEOSC-2018-3
  • Project start date: 1st September, 2019
  • Project periode: 3 years
  • Project budget: 5,992,225.00 EUR
  • Kick-off date: 1st September, 2019
  • Homepage: www.eosc-nordic.eu


Objective 1: EOSC-Nordic aims to facilitate the alignment of the delivery of horizontal services by improving interoperability practices across the national initiatives. This is to establish a truly coherent environment where services can work and be combined together to enable seamless access to resources. This project addresses interoperability issues at the four levels identified by the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) (organisational, semantic, legal and technical) in order to facilitate the integration of the services with EOSC.

Objective 2: This will include identifying and engaging with prospective service providers and supporting their integration with the EOSC catalogue, service management framework and operational environment. Particular attention will be paid to services, which can be “opened up” to users beyond their initial, local customer base. By integrating services with EOSC core components, such as EOSC portal, federated AAI, marketplace, and helpdesk, our goal is also to simplify access to these services across the Nordics and beyond.

Objective 3: EOSC-Nordic will work in close collaboration with FAIRsFAIR and other relevant initiatives (such as GoFAIR) on data management to promote best practices and support the adoption of relevant certification schemas. We will also address the question of incentives and develop a set of recommendations for the uptake of FAIR practices across EOSC.

Objective 4: The project will demonstrate the potential of EOSC by piloting innovative solutions, designed to support cross border research collaboration, using the Nordic and Baltic countries as a testbed environment. We will focus on a series of demonstrators addressing different parts of the research and data life cycle: discovery and re-use, analysis and post-processing, data management (including sensitive data management), sharing and archiving. The solutions which will be tested and validated by research communities leverage existing services (from national e-infrastructures and/or research communities as well as core EOSC services and components provided by pan-European initiatives involved in EOSC) and are suitable by-design to spin-off on a cross-border environment such as EOSC.

Objective 5: EOSC-Nordic will consolidate and expand a distributed network of experts and service operators at local and national levels. A distributed team will be created involving experts within and from outside the consortium to deliver training and technical support to new service providers and communities willing to engage with EOSC, during and after the project lifetime.


  • NordForsk: NeIC
  • DTU: DeiC and Computerome
  • CSC
  • SNIC (University of Uppsala)
  • ETAIS (University of Tartu)
  • University of Iceland
  • University of Vilnius
  • Riga Technical University
  • SDU
  • NORDUnet
  • SUNET (Vetenskapsrådet)
  • University of Helsinki
  • KBFI
  • Tampereen Yliopisto (FSD)
  • University of Gothenburg (SND and GGBC)
  • Norsk senter for forskningsdata (NSD)
  • Rigsarkivet
  • Ilmatieteen Laitos
  • ITA- Suomen Ylipisto (UEF)
  • Go Fair Foundation
  • DKRZ
  • University of Copenhagen
  • Region Hovedstaden (RH)


Project Office (PO)

  • Gudmund Høst, NeIC (Coordinator)
  • Lene Krøl Andersen, DeiC (Project Manager)
  • Heli Autere, Iiris Liinamaa & Katja Lintilä, CSC (Financial Coordination team)
  • Abdulrahman Azab, NeIC (PO Officer)
  • Bodil Aurstad, NORDFORSK (PO Officer)

Project Management Board (PMB)

  • Lene Krøl Andersen, DeiC (PM & WP1 Lead)
  • Heli Autere, Iiris Liinamaa & Katja Lintilä, CSC (Financial Officer)
  • Sara Garavelli, CSC (WP2 Lead)
  • Ilja Livenson, ETAIS (WP3 Lead)
  • Mari Kleemola, TAU (WP4 Lead)
  • Adil Hasan, Sigma2 (WP5 Lead)
  • Maria Francesca Iozzi, Sigma2 (WP5 Deputy Lead)
  • Minna Lappalainen, CSC (WP6 Lead)
  • Jonna Helenius, CSC (WP6 Deputy Lead)
  • Mathias Brannvall, SNIC (observer)
  • Abdulrahman Azab, NeIC (observer)
  • Damien Lecarpentier, CSC (observer)

WP leaders

  • WP1 - Project Management and Finance: Lene Krøl Andersen
  • WP2 - Policies, legal issues and sustainability: Sara Garavelli
  • WP3 - Support to prospective EOSC service providers: Ilja Livenson
  • WP4 - FAIR Data: Mari Kleemola
  • WP5 - Open research data & services: Adil Hasan
  • WP6 - Engagement, communication and competence building: Minna Lappalainen

International Liaison

  • Damien Lecarpentier

General Assembly

  • NordForsk: Gudmund Høst (Chair) - NeIC Director. Deputy: Mikael Heimonen
  • DeiC & Computerome (DTU): Gitte J. Kudsk - DeiC CEO. Deputy: Steen Pedersen - DTU CIO
  • CSC: Pekka Lehtovuori - Director, Computing Services for Research. Deputy: Per Öster
  • UNINETT SIGMA2: Hans A. Eide - Special Adviser. Deputy: Gunnar Bøe
  • SNIC (University of Uppsala): Per-Olov Hammargren - Coordinator. Deputy: Ann-Charlotte Sonnhammer
  • ETAIS (University of Tartu): Ivar Koppel - Head of HPC
  • University of Iceland: Ebba Thora Hvannberg - Professor. Deputy: Helmut Neukirchen
  • University of Vilnius: Linas Bukauskas - Associate professor. Deputy: Eduardas Kutka
  • Riga Technical University: Lauris Cikovskis - Head of HPC centre
  • SDU: Claudio Pica - CEO National HPC center. Deputy: Fabrizio Montesi
  • NORDUnet: Lars Fischer - Strategy & Policy Offier. Deputy: Josva Kleist
  • SUNET (Vetenskapsrådet): Valter Nordh - CTO
  • University of Helsinki: Jörg Tiedemann
  • KBFI: Andi Hektor - Contact of the project
  • Tampereen Yliopisto (FSD): Mari Kleemola - Development Manager, Deputy Director. Deputy: Helena Laaksonen
  • University of Gothenburg (SND and GGBC): Matthias Obst - Associate professor
  • Norsk senter for forskningsdata (NSD): - Director. Deputy: Katrine Utaaker Segadal
  • Danish National Archives: Kirsten Villadsen Kristmar - Deputy Director
  • Ilmatieteen Laitos: Sanna Sorvari Sundet. Deputy: Anca Hienola
  • ITA- Suomen Ylipisto (UEF): Jarmo Saarti - Library Director
  • Go Fair Foundation: Drs. Bert Meerman
  • DKRZ: Hannes Thiemann - Deputy Department Head
  • University of Copenhagen: Søren Brunak - Research director, professor. Deputy: Piotr Jaroslaw Chmura
  • Region Hovedstaden (RH): Henning Bundgaard - Professor, consultant. Deputy: Alex Hørby Christensen

Executive board

  • Gudmund Høst, NeIC/NordForsk
  • Pekka Lehtovuori, CSC
  • Lars Nordström, SNIC
  • Hans A. Eide, UNINETT SIGMA2
  • Gitte J. Kudsk, DeiC
  • Ivar Koppel, ETAIS
  • Vigdis Namtvedt Kvalheim, NSD

International Advisory Committee

  • Francoise Genova (France)
  • Andrew Treloar (Australia)
  • Ingrid Dillo (Netherlands)
  • Wilco Hazeleger (Netherlands)
  • Ana Proykova (Bulgaria)
  • Christine Kirkpatrick (USA)
  • Daniel Mallmann (Germany)

List of Deliverables

# Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary First Draft (ToC) Ready For Review Due Date Dissemination level First Author Reviewer 1 Reviewer 2 Status
Work package 1
D1.1 EOSC-Nordic Quality Plan and Risk Register NordForsk 31.10.2019 14.11.2019 30.11.2019 CO Jens Begtrup, Lene Krøl Andersen Gudmund Høst Mathias Brännvall Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D1.2 Data Management Plan NordForsk 31.01.2020 14.02.2020 29.02.2020 CO Troels Rasmussen Henrik K. R. Jakobsen Trond Kvamme Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D1.3 Report on the interactions, synergies and cooperation with EOSC related initiatives and their outcome NordForsk 31.07.2022 14.08.2022 31.08.2022 PU
D1.4 Collaboration Agreement(s) between the INFRAEOSC 5 granted projecs NordForsk 30.11.2019 14.12.2019 31.12.2019 CO Gudmund Høst, Damien Lecarpentier, Lene Krøl Andersen Annu Rosenqvist Vigdis Kvalheim Approved by EC 16 June 2021
Work package 2
D2.1 Open science policies and resource provisioning in the Nordic and Baltic countries (first report) SNIC (University of Uppsala) 31.01.2020 14.02.2020 29.02.2020 PU Per-Olov Hammargren, Päivi Rauste, Troels Rasmussen, Maijastiina Arvola Marina Adomeit Lars Fischer Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D2.2 Cross border collaboration models – the Nordic experience NORDUnet 31.01.2021 14.02.2021 28.02.2021 PU Pirjo Kontkanen, Troels Rasmussen, Per-Olov Hammargren, Leah Riungu-Kalliosaari, Lars Fischer Päivi Rauste Adil Hasan Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D2.3 Open Science in the Nordics: legal insights University of Helsinki 31.07.2020 14.08.2020 31.08.2020 PU Lars Fischer, Per-Olov Hammargren, Francesca Iozzi, Pirjo Kontkanen, Troels Rasmussen Anca Heinola Antti Pursula Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D2.4 The EOSC delivery chain NORDUnet 31.07.2020 14.08.2020 31.08.2020 PU Lars Fischer, Per-Olov Hammargren, Leah Riungu-Kalliosaari, Maijastiina Arvola Francesca Iozzi Valter Nord Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D2.5 Open Science policies and resource provisioning in the Nordic and Baltic countries (second report) SNIC (University of Uppsala) 31.01.2021 14.02.2021 28.02.2021 PU Per-Olov Hammargren, Päivi Rauste, Maijastiina Arvola Liisi Lembinen Pirjo Kontkanen Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D2.6 Cross-border collaboration in the context of EOSC NORDUNET 31.07.2021 14.08.2021 31.08.2021 PU
D2.7 Open Science in the Nordics: Recommendations on legal issues University of Helsinki 31.07.2021 14.08.2021 31.08.2021 PU Lars Fischer, Per-Olov Hammargren, Maria Fancesca Iozzi, Pirjo Kontkanen, Jarmo Sarti, Birna Gunnarsdóttir Sara Garavelli Anca Hienola
D2.8 Open Science policies and resource provisioning in the Nordic and Baltic countries (final report) SNIC (University of Uppsala) 31.01.2022 14.02.2022 28.02.2022 PU
D2.9 Sustaining the coordination of EOSC national initiatives at Nordic level CSC 31.01.2022 14.02.2022 28.0.2022 PU
Work package 3
D3.1 EOSC Service compliance checklist and maturity model SIGMA2 31.01.2020 14.02.2020 29.02.2020 PU Dejan Vitlacil, Ilja Livenson,

Leah Riungu-Kalliosaari, Ari Lukkarinen

Azab Abdulrahman Thomas Röblitz Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D3.2 First report on mapping of EOSC prospective service providers and candidate services SIGMA2 31.07.2020 14.08.2020 31.08.2020 PU Valter Nordh, Marina Adomeit, Ilja Livenson, Thomas Röblitz, Ari Lukkarinen Ivar Koppel Lars Fischer Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D3.3 Service interoperability framework ETAIS (University of Tartu) 30.09.2020 14.10.2020 31.10.2020 PU Ari Lukkarinen, Dejan Vitlacil, Morten Kjeldgaard, Leah Riungu-Kalliosaari Kessy Abarenkov Andreas Jaunsen Approved by EC 16 June 2021l
D3.4 Programmatic access and resource provisioning of services ETAIS (University of Tartu) 31.01.2021 14.02.2021 28.02.2021 PU Ilja Livenson, Ahti Saar Lene Krøl Andersen Abdulrahman Azab Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D3.5 Second report on mapping of EOSC prospective service providers and candidate services SIGMA2 31.07.2021 14.08.2021 31.08.2021 PU Emma-Lisa Hansson (SNIC), Lauris Cikovskis (RTU), Ebba Þóra Hvannberg (IS), Morten Kjeldgaard (DeiC), Ilja Livenson (UT/ETAIS), Leah Riungu Kalliosaari (CSC), Thomas Röblitz (UiB/Sigma2), Ahti Saar (UT/ETAIS) Adil Hasan Lene Krøl Andersen
D3.6 Feasibility assessment of the implementation of X-Road for research data ETAIS (University of Tartu) 31.07.2021 14.08.2021 31.08.2021 PU Ahti Saar (ETAIS), Ari Lukkarinen (CSC), Lauris Cikovskis (RTU), Ilja Livenson (ETAIS), Joni Virtanen (CSC), Juhani Nuorteva (CSC) & Teemu Theqvist (CSC) Claudio Pica Abdulrahman Azab At EC for approval
D3.7 Report on the implementation of XRoad in the Nordics and recommendations to EOSC ETAIS (University of Tartu) 31.01.2022 14.02.2022 28.02.2022 PU
D3.8 Programmatic access and resource provisioning of Nordic services via EOSC Marketplace ETAIS (University of Tartu) 31.07.2022 14.08.2022 31.08.2022 PU
D3.9 Final report on the integration of services into EOSC SIGMA2 31.07.2022 14.08.2022 31.08.2022 PU
Work package 4
D4.1 An assessment of FAIR-uptake among regional digital repositories NordForsk 31.07.2020 14.08.2020 31.08.2020 PU Andreas O. Jaunsen, Mari Kleemola, Tuomas J. Alaterä, Heikki Lehväslaiho, Josefine Nordling, Adil Hasan, Pauli Assinen Troels Rasmussen Damien Lecarpentier Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D4.2 Implementation plan for the adoption of data standards and certification schemas NordForsk 30.11.2020 14.12.2020 31.12.2020 CO Andreas Jaunsen, Henrik Jakobsen, Mari Kleemola, Birger Jerlehag, Tuomas Alaterä Trond Kvamme René van Horik Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D4.3 Report on Nordic repositories and their uptake of FAIR NordForsk 31.01.2022 14.02.2022 28.02.2022 PU
D4.4 Report and recommendations on FAIR incentives and expected impacts in the Nordics, Baltics and EOSC NordForsk 31.03.2022 14.04.2022 30.04.2022 PU
D4.5 Report on completed FAIR data standard adoption and certifications of data repositories in the region NordForsk 31.07.2022 14.08.2022 31.08.2022 PU
Work package 5
D5.1 Discovery and re-use of Nordic community specific data in EOSC DeiC and Computerome (DTU) 31.01.2021 14.02.2021 28.02.2021 PU Anders Conrad, Claudia Martens, Anna-Lena Flügel, Helmut Neukirchen, Jens Andresen, Hannah Mihai Andreas Jaunsen Troels Rasmussen Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D5.2 Cross borders computing through portals ETAIS (University of Tartu) 31.01.2021 14.02.2021 28.02.2021 PU Kessy Abarenkov, Anne Fouilloux Adil, Hasan, Helmut Neukirchen Ebba Þóra Hvannberg Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D5.3 Virtual Computing Laboratories SIGMA2 31.07.2021 14.08.2021 31.08.2021 PU Andrey Kutuzov, Sabry Razick, Stephan Oepen, Abdulrahman Azab Ilja Livenson Adil Hasan At EC for approval
D5.4 Integrated data management workflow CSC 31.07.2021 14.08.2021 31.08.2021 PU Ari Lukkarinen, Anne Fouilloux, Hamish Struthers, Tommi Bergmann, Risto Makkonen, Jean Iaquinta, Helmut Neukirchen, Ernir Erlingsson, Adil Hasan Helmut Neukirchen Anne Sofie Fink Kjeldgaard
D5.5 Actionable Modular Data Management for brokering distributed resources SIGMA2 31.07.2021 14.08.2021 31.08.2021 PU Adil Hasan, Bert Meerman, Hanne Moa, Ulf Jakobsson, Joakim Philipson Hamish Struthers Mari Kleemola
D5.6 Cross borders orchestration of sensitive data infrastructure SIGMA2 31.01.2022 14.02.2022 28.02.2022 CO
D5.7 Mapping of technical, repository-specific harvesting endpoints to jointly agreed domainspecific standards and coordination of semantic mapping procedures DeiC and Computerome (DTU) 31.07.2022 14.08.2022 31.08.2022 PU
D5.8 Cross borders operations for a Nordic sensitive data distributed infrastructur SNIC (University of Uppsala) 31.07.2022 14.08.2022 31.08.2022 CO
D5.9 Service deployment and cloud computing on distributed Nordic cloud resources SIGMA2 31.07.2022 14.08.2022 31.08.2022 PU
Work package 6
D6.1 Stakeholder identification, engagement and communication strategy CSC 31.01.2020 14.02.2020 29.02.2020 CO Minna Lappalainen Lene Krøl Anderssen Johanna Törnroos Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D6.2 Knowledge Hub planning DeiC and Computerome (DTU) 30.04.2020 14.05.2020 31.05.2020 CO Birgitte Vedel Thage Maria Francesca Iozzi Ilja Livenson Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D6.3 Communication and outreach strategy report CSC 31.01.2021 14.02.2021 28.02.2021 PU Minna Lappalainen Lene Krøl Andersen Ilja Livenson Approved by EC 16 June 2021
D6.4 Knowledge Hub establishment DeiC and Computerome (DTU) 31.07.2021 14.08.2021 31.08.2021 PU Anne Sofie Fink, Sara Garavelli, Minna Lappalainen Maria Iozzi Ilja Livenson At EC for approval
D6.5 Final communications and outreach strategy report CSC 31.07.2022 14.08.2022 31.08.2022 PU
Work package 7
D7.1 POPD - Requirement No. 1 NordForsk 30.11.2019 14.12.2019 31.12.2019 CO Catherine Collin, Piotr Chmura Søren Brunak Lene Krøl Andersen Approved by EC 16 June 2021

List of Tasks

# Task Title Periode Lead Participants Responsible Status
Work package 1
T1.1 Management M1-36 NeIC (1PM) DeiC (13PM), CSC (1PM) Lene Krøl Andersen
T1.2 Quality Control and Risk Management M1-36 NeIC (1PM) DeiC (1PM) Jens Begtrup
T1.3 Financial Management M1-36 NeIC (1PM) CSC (5PM), DeiC (1PM) Tina Timonen
T1.4 Internal Communication M1-36 NeIC (4PM) DeiC (1PM) Jens Begtrup
T1.5 Governance Support M1-36 NeIC (1PM) CSC (4PM), DeiC (2PM) Lene Krøl Andersen
T1.6 Interaction and Cooperation with EOSC related initiatives M1-36 NeIC CSC, DeiC Lene Krøl Andersen
Work package 2
T2.0 Coordination of the work package activities M1-36 CSC (4PM) Maijastiina Arvola
T2.1 Open science policies in the Nordic and the Baltic countries M1-30 SNIC (5PM) CSC (2PM), UEF (2PM), SIGMA2 (3PM), NORDUnet (1PM), UT/ETAIS (3PM), DeiC (2PM), UICE (1PM), RTU (1PM), VU (1PM), FMI (2PM) Per-Olov Hammargren
T2.1.1 Open science policies in the Nordic and the Baltic countries M1-30 SNIC, UEF, SIGMA2, UT/ETAIS, DeiC, UICE, RTU, VU
T2.1.2 Resource provisioning & access policies M1-30 SNIC, CSC, NORDUnet, SIGMA2, UT/ETAIS, DeiC, UICE, RTU, VU
T2.2 Opening up and delivering services in a cross border environment M1-36 NORDUnet (4PM) SNIC (5PM), CSC (4PM), SIGMA2 (2PM), UH (6PM), UT/ETAIS (4PM), DeiC (1PM), UICE (1PM), RTU (1PM), VU (1PM) Lars Fischer
T2.2.1 Opening up and delivering services in a cross border environment M1-36 NORDUnet, CSC, UT/ETAIS, SNIC
T2.2.2 Legal issues M1-36 UH, SIGMA2, SNIC, UT/ETAIS, DeiC, UICE, RTU, VU
T2.2.3 Roles and responsibilities in the overall EOSC delivery chain M1-36 NORDUnet, CSC, UT/ETAIS, SNIC
T2.3 Fostering a coordinated policy approach towards M1-36 CSC (4PM) NeIC (3PM), FMI (2PM), UEF (2PM), SIGMA2 (2PM), DeiC (1PM), SNIC (1PM), UT/ETAIS (1PM), UICE (1PM), RTU (1PM), VU (1PM) Maijastiina Arvola
T2.3.1 Ensuring engagement and commitment from policy-makers M1-36 FMI, UEF, SIGMA2, DeiC, SNIC, UT/ETAIS, UICE, RTU, VU, CSC
T2.3.2 Making the case for a Nordic-Baltic collaboration M1-36 NeIC, CSC
T2.3.3 Sustaining the coordination of national initiatives M1-36 NeIC, CSC
Work package 3
T3.0 Coordination of the work package activities M1-36 UT/ETAIS (4PM) Ilja Livenson
T3.1 Integrating service providers & services in EOSC M1-36 SIGMA2 (12PM) CSC (11PM), KTH/SNIC (7PM), LU/SNIC (1PM), UmU/SNIC (1PM) , UT/ETAIS (6PM), DeiC (6PM), UICE (4PM), RTU (1PM), KBFI/ETAIS (2PM), SUNET (4PM), VU (1PM), SDU (4PM) Adil Hasan
T3.1.1 Identification & description of EOSC prospective service providers & candidate services M1-24 SUNET, CSC, SNIC, SIGMA2, UT/ETAIS, DeiC, UICE, RTU, KBFI/ETAIS, VU, SDU Valter Nordh
T3.1.2 EOSC service compliance checklist and capacity maturity model M1-24 SNIC, CSC, SIGMA2, DeiC, KBFI/ ETAIS, SUNET Dejan
T3.1.3 Support to the integration of mature services into EOSC portal M6-18 DeiC, CSC, SNIC, SIGMA2, UT/ ETIAS, UICE, SUNET Claudio Pica
T3.1.4 Support to aligning with EOSC service management & operational environment M12-36 SIGMA2, CSC, SNIC, UT/ETAIS, UICE, SDU Adil Hasan
T3.2 Improving service interoperability across EOSC M1-36 UT/ETAIS (17PM) CSC (6PM), KTH/SNIC (2PM), SIGMA2 (2PM), DeiC (2PM), UICE (1PM), KBFI/ETAIS (5PM), SUNET (1PM), SDU (2PM) Ilja Livenson
T3.2.1 Organisational, semantic and technical interoperability of services M1-12 CSC, SNIC Leah Riungu-Kalliosaari
T3.2.2 Connecting services to EOSC through the interoperable approach M1-36 UT/ETAIS, CSC, SNIC, SIGMA2, DeiC, UICE, KBFI/ETAIS, SUNET Ilja Livenson
T3.2.3 Federating services and databases M12-36 CSC, UT/ETAIS, SDU Pekka Muhonen
Work package 4
T4.0 Coordination of the work package activities M1-36 NeIC (4PM) Andreas O Jaunsen
T4.1 State of FAIR practices in the Nordics M1-36 NeIC (6PM) CSC (3PM), UH (2PM), LU/ SNIC (2PM), SIGMA2 (2PM), DeiC (2PM), KBFI/ETAIS (2PM), UICE (2PM), RTU (2PM), GFF (4PM) Andreas O Jaunsen
T4.1.1 Overview of Nordic data repositories and their functionalities M1-36 NeIC, CSC, UH, SNIC, SIGMA2, DeiC, KBFI/ETAIS, UICE, RTU, GFF Andreas O Jaunsen
T4.1.2 FAIR Gap Analysis M1-36 NeIC, CSC, GFF Andreas O Jaunsen
T4.1.3 Boosting FAIR metric scores M1-36 NeIC, UH, SNIC, SIGMA2, DeiC, KBFI/ETAIS, UICE, RTU, GFF Bert Meerman
T4.2 Support to the adoption of standards and certification M1-36 UTA/FSD (6PM) NeIC (7PM), CSC (5PM), UTA/FSD (4PM), UH (2PM), UGOT/SND (4PM), NSD (3PM), DNA (4PM), GFF (3PM) Mari Kleemola
T4.2.1 Selection of data repositories for the advancement of FAIR data standards and certification M6-18 NeIC, CSC, UGOT/SND, NSD, DNA Birger Jerlehag
T4.2.2 Support for adoption of FAIR data standards M12-36 NeIC, CSC, UTA/FSD, UH, UGOT/SND, NSD, DNA, GFF Andreas O Jaunsen
T4.2.3 Support for adoption of FAIR certification schema M12-36 UTA/FSD, NeIC, CSC, UGOT/SND, NSD, DNA, GFF Mari Kleemola
T4.3 Incentives for the uptake of FAIR practices M12-36 CSC (7PM) NeIC (5PM), UH (4PM), LU/SNIC (5PM), DNA (3PM) Josefine Nordling
T4.3.1 Mapping of policy implemented incentives within the Nordic and Baltic members states M12-36 CSC, NeIC, SNIC, DNA Josefine Nordling
T4.3.2 Identifying effective incentives that increase uptake of FAIR practices M12-36 NeIC, CSC, UH, SNIC, DNA Josefine Nordling
T4.3.3 Dialog with stakeholders and policy makers M12-36 NeIC, CSC, UH, SNIC Bert Meerman
Work package 5
T5.0 Coordination of the work package activities M1-36 SIGMA2 (6PM) Francesca Iozzi
T5.1 Discovery and Re-use of research data in EOSC M1-36 DeiC (6PM) UICE (2PM), CSC (3PM), DKRZ (6PM)
T5.1.1 Discovery and re-use of Nordic community specific data in EOSC M1-36 DeiC UICE
T5.1.2 Semantic mapping procedures and quality standards M1-36 DKRZ DeiC, CSC
T5.2 Analysis and Post-processing across borders M1-36 SIGMA2 (11PM) CSC (6PM), UT/ ETAIS (12PM), SNIC (7PM), UICE (5PM), SDU (2PM), FMI (3PM), UIO-USIT/SIGMA2 (3PM), UGOT/GGBC (5PM), UIO-GEO/SIGMA2 (5PM), UIO-INF/SIGMA2 (7PM), UH (5PM), CGG/UCPH (3PM)
T5.2.1 Cross-border data processing workflows M1-36 UT/ETAIS UIO-USIT/SIGMA2, UICE, SNIC, UGOT/GGBC, FMI, SU/SNIC, UIO-GEO/SIGMA2
T5.2.2 Code Repositories, Containerization and “virtual laboratories” M1-36 SIGMA2 UICE, CSC, UIO-GEO/SIGMA2, UIO-INF/SIGMA2, UH
T5.2.3 Platform as a Service for Scientific Cloud Computing and Cloud Native Execution mechanisms M1-36 SIGMA2 SNIC, CSC, UGOT/GGBC, UT/ETAIS, UIO-INF/SIGMA2, UH, SDU
T5.3 Data management planning in a distributed environment M1-36 SIGMA2 (13PM) CSC (6PM), GFF (3PM), UICE (2PM), FMI (2PM), UIO-INF/SIGMA2 (5PM), SNIC (7PM), UH (3PM), UIO-GEO/ SIGMA2 (2PM), UGOT/SND (3PM)
T5.3.1 Integrated Data Management Workflows M1-36 CSC UIO-INF/SIGMA2, UH, SNIC, UICE, UIO-GEO/SIGMA2, FMI, SIGMA2
T5.3.2 Machine actionable DMPs M1-36 SIGMA2 GFF, SNIC, UGOT/SND
T5.4 Sensitive Data M1-36 SIGMA2 (2PM) UIO-USIT/SIGMA2 (11PM), CSC (7PM), SNIC (11PM), Computerome (11PM), RH (5PM), UCPH (5PM)
T5.4.1 Cross borders orchestration of sensitive data clouds M1-36 DeiC SNIC, CSC, DeiC, UIO-USIT/SIGMA2, RH, UCPH
T5.4.2 AAI and operations procedure for a Nordic eHealth Cloud M1-36 SIGMA2 SNIC, CSC, DeiC, UIO-USIT/SIGMA2
Work package 6
T6.0 Coordination of the work package activities M1-36 CSC (4PM) Minna Lappalainen
T6.1 Engagement and communication Strategy M1-36 CSC (6PM) Jonna Helenius
T6.2 Web portal, communication tools and branding M1-36 CSC (7PM) Jonna Helenius
T6.3 Communication and dissemination M1-36 DeiC (9PM) CSC (9PM), UT/ETAIS (6PM) Cecilie Maagaard Winther
T6.3.1 Targeted Content Generation M1-36 DeiC, CSC
T6.3.2 Digital Presence M1-36 CSC, DeiC
T6.3.3 EOSC-Nordic & Third Party Events M1-36 DeiC, CSC
T6.4 Knowledge Hub, Capacity Building and Trainings M1-36 DeIC (8PM) UmU/SNIC (6PM) Troels Rasmussen
T6.4.1 Knowledge hub Coordination and Strategy M1-36
T6.4.2 Knowledge hub content generation M1-36
T6.4.3 Training events M1-36

List of Milestones

Number Milestone title Lead beneficiary Due Date (in months) Completed
Work package 1
MS1 EOSC-Nordic Kick-off meeting NordForsk 2
MS2 Executive Board mtgs year 1 - Q1 NordForsk 3
MS3 Executive Board mtgs year 1 - Q2 NordForsk 6
MS4 Executive Board mtgs year 1 - Q3 NordForsk 9
MS5 Executive Board mtgs year 1 - Q4 NordForsk 12
MS6 International Advisory Committee mtg - year 1 NordForsk 9
MS7 International Advisory Committee mtg - year 2 NordForsk 21
MS8 International Advisory Committee mtg - year 3 NordForsk 30
MS9 General Assembly meetings - 1 NordForsk 12
MS10 General Assembly meetings - 2 NordForsk 24
MS11 Executive Board mtgs year 2 - Q1 NordForsk 15
MS12 Executive Board mtgs year 2 - Q2 NordForsk 18
MS13 Executive Board mtgs year 2 - Q3 NordForsk 21
MS14 Executive Board mtgs year 2 - Q4 NordForsk 24
MS15 Executive Board mtgs year 3 - Q1 NordForsk 27
MS16 Executive Board mtgs year 3 - Q2 NordForsk 30
MS17 Executive Board mtgs year 3 - Q3 NordForsk 33
MS18 Executive Board mtgs year 3 - Q4 NordForsk 36
Work package 2
MS19 First policy workshop CSC 6
MS20 Second policy workshop CSC 18
MS21 Consensus on post-project sustainability plan CSC 24
MS22 Third policy workshop CSC 30
Work package 3
MS23 Support group for EOSC service integration has been established ETAIS (University of Tartu) 4
MS24 First services are published in EOSC portal ETAIS (University of Tartu) 6
MS25 Nordic service operability framework has been agreed ETAIS (University of Tartu) 24
Work package 4
MS26 Community engagement workshop(s) completed NordForsk 9
MS27 Completion of initial interviews and commitments of participating repositories for T4.2 NordForsk 10
MS28 Assessment of initial FAIR metrics for each of the Nordic data repositories NordForsk 10
MS29 First FAIRification hackathon completed NordForsk 16
MS30 Completion of first FAIR certification of a repository NordForsk 20
MS31 Completed first Metadata-4machines event NordForsk 20
MS32 Completion of incentives study and draft report NordForsk 28
MS33 Completion of first FAIR data standards adoption in a repository NordForsk 30
MS34 Workshop for stakeholders for the evaluation of FAIR incentives NordForsk 30
Work package 5
MS35 Activities related to enhance the discoverability of Nordic repositories has been initiate SIGMA2 6
MS36 Activities to enable cross border computing has been initiated SIGMA2 12
Work package 6
MS37 EOSC-Nordic web portal initial version CSC 2
MS38 First EOSC-Nordic branding package available CSC 3
MS39 EOSC-Nordic project Launch Event CSC 12
MS40 Knowledge Hub (TtT) event CSC 24
MS41 EOSC-Nordic End-of-Project Event CSC 36

List of Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
KPI-1: # published services in EOSC Portal 5 15 30
KPI-2: # repositories assisted with the aim to boost their FAIRness by the use of hackathons (collaborative events or one-on-one) 2 8 20
KPI-3: # additional repositories with adopted data standards or certification schema N/A 2 5
KPI-4: # repositories harvested by EOSC (e.g. B2find) 3 7 12
KPI-5: # organisations/stakeholders (service providers, universities, research councils, etc.) reached out / consulted by the project studies & activities 30 60 90
KPI-6: # stakeholders from different countries actively participating in the policy workshops (measured as number of individuals) 20 40 60
KPI-7: # trained providers / communities (hackathons, workshops, one to one trainings) 20 40 60
KPI-8: # requests handled by the Knowledge Hub 20 45 70
KPI-9: # computing facilities accessible through community specific portals 2 6 7
KPI-10: # artificial intelligence based projects enabled on distributed cloud resources N/A 2 8
KPI-11: # institutional/community-specific/funding body-specific DMP templates integrated in the DMP tools 2 6 12

KPIs for communication

Stakeholder interactions and effectiveness of the communication strategy can be reviewed by number of involved or interested stakeholders, project activities and materials, participants in the activities, visitors in website and social media followers. The initial set of indicative KPIs are set below and the criteria will be detailed during the execution of the project according to opportunities of maximizing value and impact vs efforts. Usage of marketing software will allow to monitor the real-time effectiveness of the targeted newsletters and social media activities.

Action Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Measure
A profiled database of contacts Number of contacts 2,000 by end of year one and over 4,000 contacts by the project end
Content in the web portal Number of published news, articles, blog posts, interviews, reports, videos, success stories, webinars, information sheets etc At least 3 / month
Marketing materials * Number of targeted newsletters
* The amount of the newsletter orders
* 10 years newsletters
* At least 500 / year
* Other metrics: click through rates
Project website * Total Site Visits
The goal is converting anonymous visitors to registered visitors
* At least 1000 visits per month
* Other metrics followed: interactions per visit, new visitors, referrals, country, organic keywords, source: direct visitors or organic/search traffic
Social Media Channels * Number of followers
* Number of tweets
* >700 outside of the project
* At least 500 tweets per year (unique and retweeted)
Support publications * Number of leaflets/fliers/brochures
* Number of posters
* 15 for the lifetime of the project
* 10 for the lifetime of the project
Engagement with stakeholders * Number of stakeholders involved
* Number of external events participated
* Over 500 end-users in the science demonstrators and other events by the project end
* 200 participants in each EOSC-Nordic stakeholder engagement event
* At least 15 for the lifetime of the project


General Assembly

Executive Board

International Advisory Committee

EOSC-Nordic representations

Event Date Participants
FAIRsFAIR kickoff, Amsterdam 14. March, 2019 Lene Krøl Anderssen (DeiC)
EOSC-Hub week, Prague 9-11. April, 2019 Damien Lecarpentier (CSC), Gudmund Høst (NeIC), Francesca Iozzi (Sigma2)
NeIC2019, Copenhagen 14-16. May, 2019 Lene Krøl Andersen (DeiC), Francesca Iozzi (Sigma2), Ilja Livenson (ETAIS), Anders Conrad (DeiC)
GBIF, Oslo 23. May, 2019 Andreas Jaunsen (Nordforsk)
TNC2019, Tallinn 16-20. June, 2019 Ilja Livenson (ETAIS), Damien Lecarpentier (CSC)
EOSC-Nordic kickoff, Espoo 2-3. September, 2019 All
SNIC all-hands, Stockholm 6. September, 2019 Lene Krøl Anderssen (DeiC)
Building EOSC through the H2020 projects, Brussels 9-10. September, 2019 Lene Krøl Anderssen (DeiC), Damien Lecarpentier (CSC)
Open Science FAIR, Porto 16-18. September, 2019 Lene Krøl Anderssen (DeiC)
Tryggve all hands meeting, Espoo 8-9. October, 2019 Saara Kontro (CSC)
European Open Science Coordinators' meeting, Helsinki 21. October, 2019 Saara Kontro (CSC)
The International Research Data Community contributing to EOSC, Helsinki 22. October, 2019 Lene Krøl Anderssen (DeiC), Jens Begtrup (NordForsk), Saara Kontro (CSC), Damien Lecarpentier (CSC), Francesca Iozzi (Sigma2), Ilja Livenson (ETAIS)
DeiC Conference, Fredericia 30-31. October, 2019 Lene Krøl Anderssen (DeiC), Ilja Livenson (ETAIS)
European infrastructures in data management and scientific computing: Finland’s point of view. EOSC-Nordic presentation, Helsinki 6. November, 2019 Saara Kontro (CSC), Gudmund Høst (NeIC)
EOSC Symposium, Budapest 26-27. November, 2019 Lene Krøl Anderssen (DeiC), Saara Kontro (CSC), Jens Begtrup (NordForsk)
e-IRG workshop, Helsinki 4. December, 2019 Saara Kontro (CSC), Maijastiina Arvola (CSC), Gudmund Høst (NeIC)
Open Science Event w/ OpenAIRE, Copenhagen 6 February, 2020 Gudmund Høst (NeIC), Maijastiina Arvola (CSC),Troels Rasmussen (DeiC), Lars Fisher (NORDUnet)
EOSC-Nordic Workshop: FAIRification of Nordic and Baltic repositories 22 April, 2020 Andreas Jaunsen (NordForsk)
EOSC Landscape Validation workshop 27-28 April, 2020 Lene Krøl Anderssen (DeiC), Maijastiina Arvola (CSC), Per-Olov Hammargren (SNIC), Troels Rasmussen (DeiC), Lars Fisher (NORDUnet)
WP4 taking part in FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation workshop breakouts 6-14 May, 2020 Andreas Jaunsen (NordForsk), Mari Kleemola (Tampereen Yliopisto), Monica Lassi (Lund University)
EOSC-Hub week - 1. EOSC-Nordic position paper (Minna) - 2. Tuesday May 19; 14-15:30 CEST: Issues in Cross-Border Consumption of Resources in EOSC (Ilja) - 3. Wednescay, May 20; 10-11:30 CEST: National Policy Developments Supporting EOSC Implementation (Maijastiina) 18-20 May, 2020 Ilja Livenson (ETAIS), Maijastiina Arvola (CSC), Minna Lappalainen (CSC)
Bioinformatics Community Conference 2020 19-22 July, 2020 Anne Claire Fouilloux (UiO)
Closed mtg hosted by: OECD Directorate for Science, Technology & Innovation, Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy. Mtg Topic: Revision of the OECD Recommendation of the Council concerning Access to Research Data from Public Funding Francesca Iozzi (Sigma2)

Project documents