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This is the home page of the Tryggve project.

Tryggve is a three-year project to establish a Nordic platform for collaboration on sensitive data, funded by NeIC and the ELIXIR nodes in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The approach in the project is to utilize and connect existing capacities and services at the Nordic countries. The work is conducted in close collaboration with the user communities and Nordic e-infrastructure providers.

Need for a cross-border collaboration on handling of sensitive biomedical research data became evident from the several suggestions received by NeIC in its call for letters of interest. Tryggve was launched in 2014 to respond to this demand.

The project aims to provide researchers a trusted set of services to share and analyze sensitive biomedical data, across Nordic countries.

The name of the project Tryggve is a Nordic name that stems from Old Norse "tryggr", which was used to mean "trusty, faithful, true, safe", just as the word "trygg" still does in most Nordic languages.

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Tryggve project is funded by NeIC and ELIXIR Nodes of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.