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Use cases

Tryggve team wants to support researchers in taking the secure data services into use, and thereby to achieve results faster and safer. In practice, Tryggve implements specific Use Cases as part of the project. The Use Cases drive the development in Tryggve towards actual and concrete demands of the users. Use Cases aim to solve real-life issues in data management and/or to provide state-of-the-art research environment for sensitive research data.

The easiest way to start using secure services from Tryggve is to apply for a Tryggve use case. To submit the proposal, the project should have a research plan (involving sensitive data) and already established collaboration in the Nordics. Consult the list below on examples of what kind of support Tryggve can provide for use cases.

Tryggve offering for use cases

In a nutshell, the accepted use cases will receive access to secure data processing environments; expert assistance from Tryggve; support in legal and ethical questions to make their case happen; and an opportunity to influence future developments as an early adopter. All this will be provided free of charge for the use cases for a limited time (up to a reasonable amount of disk space and computing resources).

Accessing and moving research data

  • Secure data transfer, based on secure FTP
  • Data can be moved between Nordic countries or from elsewhere, for example external repositories

Support in meeting legal and ethical requirements

  • Looking into specific questions, such as moving data across countries
  • Questions around merging research data from different sources
  • Professional evaluation of ethical and legal aspects

Secure data analysis platforms

  • Project-based secure storage capacity
  • Efficient and secure processing environments
  • Tryggve offers environment, researcher brings the data
  • Variety of platforms offering flexibility to handle different use cases
  • Offering includes the following systems: TSD, Mosler, ePouta, Computerome

Share data with your colleagues

  • Control over the data stays with the user
  • Access to the data can be easily given to colleagues

Software installations

  • Support in moving computation where the data is
  • Guidance in installing the needed software

Access to data archives

  • Support in moving data to international repositories when the analysis is done and data sets have been prepared for publication
  • Contacts to national archival services
  • Secure transfer to external repositories

For more information on the benefits, see these slides.

Submit a Use Case Proposal

Use Cases for Tryggve can be proposed online at any time. There are two alternatives for doing this: either provide information on your research case in an online form, or download and complete a .docx template and submit it by email to the project manager ( Please select one of the two options:

List of accepted use cases

  • Trans-Nordic Gene-Environment Analyses in Schizophrenia, PI Prof. Patrick Sullivan, Karolinska Institutet
  • Scandinavian Genetics Collaboration for Olink Biomarkers, PI Anders Malarstig, Karolinska Institutet
  • Test the feasibility of transferring and serving a pseudonymised sensitive data register across Nordic countries, PI Prof. Joakim Dillner, Karolinska Institutet

Review process of Use Cases

  • Use cases need to be proposed in writing (online) through one of the means explained above.
  • Requirements for a use case in Tryggve is that it concerns sensitive biomedical data and more than one Nordic country is involved.
    • Proposals from single country can be considered if the case, and the proposed solution, have wider Nordic interest.
  • The requirements of the case and needed resources are analysed by the Tryggve project staff
  • The Reference Group may be asked for recommendations
  • The Steering Group makes final decisions, including prioritization if needed e.g. due to lack of resources
  • The proposers of the use case can be asked for more input during the process
  • Accepting a use case for implementation in Tryggve does not imply funding for the proposers of the case
    • However, the approved cases receive expert support and access to secure systems free of charge (as detailed above)
  • Collaboration between proposers and Tryggve staff is assumed during the implementation
  • Fees may apply if the research involves non-academic partners and/or is not aiming for a scientific publication
  • This process can be changed without advance notice.

Please note that the Use Case proposal form may be circulated, besides the project group, for Tryggve Reference Group, Tryggve Steering Group, Project owner, and NeIC director. Contact in advance the project manager if the proposal contains information that should not be presented to the aforementioned groups and persons.

It is expected that Tryggve project can use the name of the proposal, topic of the use case and short description of accepted use cases in the project's communication material, reports, presentations, etc.

Links to national systems for sensitive data

If a research project does not qualify as Tryggve use case, it is also possible to access the individual service providers directly. The links below help to find information on accessing the individual secure systems directly. Note that access to these services may require a service fee.

Feel free to contact the Tryggve project on any questions concerning accessing of the Nordic systems for sensitive data, for example if you are unsure whether to submit a use case or access separate systems directly.

Tryggve project is funded by NeIC and ELIXIR Nodes of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.