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NeIC EISCAT_3D Data Solutions (E3DDS) Public Page

Supporting EISCAT_3D

EISCAT_3D is an environmental research infrastructure on the European ESFRI roadmap. It is proposed as an international research infrastructure using the incoherent scatter technique to study the upper atmosphere above the Arctic in order to investigate how the Earth's atmosphere is coupled to space. EISCAT_3D is a multi-static phased array radar system that will be installed at remote locations in the most Northern parts of the Scandinavian peninsula. The system will be operated by and be an integral part of the EISCAT Scientific Association.

The e-infrastructure challenges for EISCAT_3D include finding cost-efficient state of the art solutions for on-site computing and establishing network connections between the different sites and with the data archive. The goal of the NeIC "Supporting EISCAT_3D" (E3DS) project is to support the preparation of the implementation of EISCAT_3D for those aspects concerning e-infrastructure. Particular goals also include to develop solutions for locating the data archive within existing national e-infrastructures and to support EISCAT in planning the recruitment of e-science experts.

Steering Group

  • Craig Heinselman (EISCAT)
  • Yasunobu Ogawa (EISCAT)
  • Tomasz Malkiewicz (NeIC)

Project Manager

  • John White (NeIC)

Project Members

  • John White (NeIC)


Steering Group meetings

Meetings, 3-4 per year: E3DDS steering group meetings

Stakeholder meetings

Other meetings


Project Plan

Deliverable 1

  • On-site computing software and hardware architecture recommendation

Other Documents

Other material