E3DDS Data Transfer Tests

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Data management services

Services Descriptions
Storage NDGF: host: srm.ndgf.org, path: /eiscat3d/, ports: 2811(gsiftp), 443(https), pools: nsc.liu.se, 1 PB

NDGF-PREPROD: host: preprod-srm.ndgf.org, path: /eiscat3d/, ports: 2811(gsiftp), 443(https) pools: uio.no, 1TB

SNIC: host: gsiftp.swestore.se, path: /snic/eiscat3d/, ports: 2811(gsiftp), 443(https), pools: snic, 1 PB

Transfer service FTS - https://rizzo.ndgf.org:8449/fts3/ftsmon/#/
Data orchestration Rucio - https://beauregard.ndgf.org:443

Clients - https://hub.docker.com/r/vingar/rucio-clients-eiscat3d

Monitoring Kibana - https://chaperon.ndgf.org/kibana

Data management Dashboard: https://chaperon.ndgf.org/kibana/goto/90fbae03f8988575ff57355b441c415b

  • How to upload fake data:
# cat ./upload.sh 
for i in {1..1}; do
  dd if=/dev/zero of=$new_file count=1024  bs=1048576;
  curl --capath  /etc/grid-security/certificates/  --cert $X509_USER_PROXY --key $X509_USER_PROXY   --cacert $X509_USER_PROXY   \
   --fail --location \
        --upload-file $new_file \
       https://preprod-srm.ndgf.org/eiscat3d/rucio/ ; done