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Tent setting in preparations for midsummer celebrations in Finnish Lappland, an example of dugnad

Time: 2013-09-16 09:00-15:00
Location: Radison Blu SkyCity, Arlanda, Sweden
Registration deadline: 2013-09-09
Discussion: NeIC LinkedIn group discussion page (Not a member? Contact NeIC director Gudmund Høst)
Report: File:130916-BMS project proposal workshop report.pdf

NeIC is arranging a dugnad for proposals for projects to take on within the Bio- and Medical Sciences (BMS) area. Projects should have a 6-36 month duration, with involvement from 2 or preferably more Nordic countries, and should be for concrete, measurable e-infrastructure improvements in Nordic BMS. This can for example involve development of innovative storage or computation services tailored to BMS needs, or improving security or features in BMS software to enable safer use or higher quality research.

Project ideas at any stage of maturity are welcome. This workshop can be of use both as a means to get quick feedback to improve an already mature proposal, and as a brainstorming session to come up with new ideas for Nordic collaboration, or anything in between.

The proposals generated by this workshop will be evaluated by a board of leading Nordic scientists, and will guide future activities within NeIC BMS. The projects that are taken on will be run by NeIC, and around 30% of salaries within the projects will be financed by NeIC. The remainder, including 100% of hardware costs, must be covered by collaborators.


Please note that this agenda is preliminary, and may be amenable to slight modifications.

09:00: Introductory presentations and discussions.
09:30: Group work for brainstorming and writing project proposals.
11:00: Plenary presentations of proposals.
11:30: Lunch.
12:30: Plenary presentations of proposals.
14:00: Group work for brainstorming and writing project proposals.
15:00: Dugnad closes (meeting room still available for optional further discussions).
18:00: Optional dinner at Arlanda.

Minutes and report

Minutes from idea presentations are available here: BMS project proposal workshop minutes

Report from the event and evaluation is available here: File:130916-BMS project proposal workshop report.pdf


Registration is now closed.


Name Organisation Country Dinner
Gudmund Høst NeIC Norway Yes
Joel Hedlund NeIC Sweden Yes
Bengt Persson Elixir Sweden Yes
Jonas Hagberg Elixir Sweden -
Juha Muilu FIMM Finland
Roxana Merino Martinez BBMRI Sweden
Michael Schliephake PDC Sweden -
Andreas Lindqvist NSC Sweden
Åke Edlund PDC Sweden Yes
Eivind Hovig UiO Norway
Gard Thomassen USIT Norway -
Fredrik Orellana DeIC Denmark Yes
Emil Rydza DTU Denmark Yes
Ann-Charlotte Sonnhammer SNIC Sweden -
Michaela Barth NeIC Sweden
Mauno Vihinen LU Sweden
Ola Spjuth SeRC Sweden
Tommi Nyrönen Elixir Finland Yes
Roman Valls Guimera INCF Sweden
David Siverstein PDC Sweden -
Dejan Vitlacil PDC Sweden -

General information


Submitted project ideas

  • A Nordic platform for storage, computation and sharing of sensitive data (Bengt).
  • Producing a Nordic "secure Galaxy" (Eivind).
  • Integration of biobanking and research workflows (Roxana / Juha).
  • Nordic availability service for data and sample discovery (Roxana / Juha).
  • Ontology services and tools for data harmonisation and research (Roxana / Juha).
  • Infrastructure for interpretation of genetic variations (Mauno).
  • Neuroinformatics e-science data sharing via DataSpace (Roman).
  • Certifications and Trusted Digital Repositories (Dejan).
  • Trusted use of EBI/EMBOSS software packages in an industry context (Fredrik).
  • Brain imaging repository for meta-analysis, simulation and synthesis (David).
  • e-Infrastructure for Advanced Software Development (Rossen Apostolov; PDC)

Feedback on the event

  • We should start out with a speed-dating one-on-one session.
  • The two-day back-to-back with evaluation is a good thing, because then everything is fresh in memory, and PIs can get better feedback faster.
  • We should have shorter presentations. No, make that "5min sales pitches"!
  • It is hard to write and discuss at the same time. We should have dedicated separate talk-time and write-time (shyeah good luck getting people to shut up :-). In a way we did have this, since some people used the time after 15:00 to do most of the writing.
  • The meeting was very Swedish. Next time should be hosted somewhere else.
  • Good to start off with a presentation of what NeIC menas by the word "project".
  • More materials available earlier ("read this before the event") so that people could have a better idea from the start.