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This page links to relevant documentation for newcomers to NeIC looking to learn more about how NeIC operates.

Generally, all information on NeIC working routines can be found in either:

However, depending on your interest in NeIC, you may find the specific entry points listed below useful.

Collaboration partners

Collaboration is at the core of most or even all activities in NeIC. The ways to interact with NeIC are described on the page on Collaboration.

New personnel

Project startup guide
Describes how NeIC projects generally are set up, phrased as a concrete recipe for how to bootstrap a new NeIC project.
Project organization
How NeIC projects are organized, and who does what.
Working routines policy
How to think about the working routines in use in NeIC.
Openness policy
Why NeIC likes to be as open and transparent as possible in all that we do.