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UPPMAX-CSC Cloud and HPC Workshop

Time: Wednesday 2018-04-25 - Friday 2018-04-27
Place: CSC
Contact person: Dan Still.
Address of the location: CSC - IT Center for Science Finland Keilaranta 14 Espoo Finland



"Kalle Happonen" <kalle.happonen@csc.fi>

"Pietari Hyvärinen" <Pietari.Hyvarinen@csc.fi>

"Risto Laurikainen" <risto.laurikainen@csc.fi>

"Olli Tourunen" <Olli.Tourunen@csc.fi>

"Sebastian Von Alfthan" <sebastian.von.alfthan@csc.fi>

"Samuli Saarinen" <Samuli.Saarinen@csc.fi>

"Dan.Still" <Dan.Still@csc.fi>


"Pavlin Mitev" pavlin.mitev@uppmax.uu.se

"Jessica Nettelblad" jessica.nettelblad@uppmax.uu.se

"Erik Starbäck" erik.starback@uppmax.uu.se

"Salman Toor" salman.toor@uppmax.uu.se

"Peter Ankerstål" peter@uppmax.uu.se


 Wednesday 25.4. 
 12:00 Lunch 
 In Selain 7th floor: 
 13-14: CSC:s next supercomputer : DL2021 project. (Sebastian von Alftan) 
 14-16: CSC:s ePouta and cPouta OpenStack cloud environments (Kalle Happonen) File:CSC_Deployment_Process.pdf
 19:00 Workshop Dinner in Helsinki 
 Thursday 26.4. 
 10-12 Sys.administration/Operations at CSC (Samuli Saarinen in Sessio 7th floor) 
 12:00 Lunch 
 13-14 Future models for data storage: DataLake (Pietari Hyvärinen in Sekvenssi 7th floor) 
 14-16 Nordforsk NeIC Projects: Glenna & co (Dan Still in Sessio 14-15 and Sensori from 15-16 )  
 Friday 27.4. 
 10-11 CSC:s container environment: Rahti (Risto Laurikainen in Sensori 7th floor)  
 11-12 Bianca File:Bianca_UPPMAX-Presentation.pdf 
 12:00 Lunch and end of workshop


Glenna reference group members as well as Glenna project personnel are entitled to reimbursements of travel expenses from NeIC. Principles for the reimbursements are explained here.

For requesting the travel reimbursements please fill in the NordForsk form. Please note that original receipts need to be attached to the form. The form and receipts should be sent to:

      Kine Nordstokkå
      Stensberggata 25
      NO-0170 Oslo

If in doubt whether you are eligible for reimbursement, please contact Dan Still.

Remote connection

We will try to provide you with some remote connection, so you can listen in.

You don't need to register if you only want to connect remotely.

Registration and Participants

Please register in advance through the Doodle poll at https://doodle.com/poll/cv7h89s7w8iycvvv or register by email to Dan Still