Nordic AAI Workshop 2016

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This page is used for planning and organizing a Nordic Workshop on AAI to explore common interests between NeIC and GNOMIS. Information displayed here is more or less the current status, the aim is to update dynamically as new information arrives.


Taken from this memo

The Greater Nordic MIddleware Symposium (GNOMIS) was initiated as a collaboration around directory services, schema, naming and other middleware issues in the late 90s. The group evolved into a nordic AAI coordination group in the 00s and operated a few joint projects, notably the Kalmar2 identity federation. When Kalmar2 was created it was the first of its kind; at the time the first generation eduGAIN had just failed in delivering a workable solution for EU-wide interfederation. Kalmar2 was created in part in order to demonstrate that a simpler approach (than eduGAIN v1.0 was proposing) was possible. In that respect Kalmar2 was a resounding success.

With the growing importance of EU-wide and international groups in the AAI field the GNOMIS group has been in hibernation for several years. The Kalmar2 operations and development has been mostly organized by DEIC but the Kalmar2 service has seen few users. With the development of eduGAIN v 2.0 the value of Kalmar2 is almost gone.

Given these developments it is time to revisit GNOMIS and Kalmar2 and the goals of nordic AAI collaboration. This document is meant to be the starting point of a discussion on these issues.

Challenges related to AAI occur in several on-going NeIC projects, such as Glenna, Tryggve and EISCAT_3D, but also new initiatives CodeRefinery and resource sharing. NeIC also operates a Nordic Tier-1 for LHC at CERN, and facilitates dialogues between national data initiatives in the Nordic countries with AAI-related challenges. Based on discussions between NeIC and GNOMIS representatives, it could be of interest with deeper analysis of common areas of interest. To date these discussions has been carried out at a NeIC management level mainly between Gudmund Høst and David Simonsen (of WAYF).

We propose that this dialogue now be broadened to include a representative group of people from NeIC and from the GNOMIS community. These are some of the questions the group should focus on and try to answer:

  1. Do we need Kalmar2?
  2. If we don’t need Kalmar2, do we need something to replace it with? What?
  3. What are the main pain-points around AAI in NeIC?
  4. What can a Nordic collaboration like GNOMIS do to resolve those pain-points?
  5. How do we collaborate, prioritize and fund work?

The goal of this workshop is to start the discussion. Key participants include:

  • AAI experts from the GNOMIS community
  • Technical experts from the NeIC community that can identify and discuss AAI issues.

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Short presentation of NeIC and how we work (Gudmund H)
  3. Present state of the art and novel developments within AAI, as seen by the GNOMIS group.
    • (link presentation here)
  4. Present on-going NeIC activities with AAI challenges
  5. Identify common AAI challenges across NeIC projects
  6. Discuss possible solutions
  7. Identify candidate projects for future work, possibly projects or collaboration opportuniites

Date & Venue

Confirmed Participants

Send an email to if you would like your name added to the list.

  • Gudmund Høst, NeIC
  • Leif Johansson, SUNET
  • Mads Freek Pedersen, WAYF
  • Manne Miettinen, FUNET
  • Lars Kviteng, UNINETT
  • Jaime Pérez, UNINETT / Feide
  • Antti Pursula, NeIC
  • Mattias Wadenstein, NeIC
  • John White, NeIC
  • Rob Pennington, NeIC
  • Radovan Bast, NeIC
  • Valter Nordh, SUNET
  • Dan Still, NeIC
  • Michaela Barth, NeIC
  • Hans Nordlöf, SUNET
  • Finn Dorph-Petersen, WAYF
  • Björn Mattsson, SUNET