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Governance and Mandate for the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) Board


The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) is a joint initiative between the Nordic countries, hosted by NordForsk since 1. January, 2012. The governance and funding structure of NeIC was described in a MoU signed by national research funding agencies (and RHnet) and NordForsk in April, 2013. In 2015, the funding agencies withdrew from the NeIC Board to allow for the national e-Infrastructure providers taking full ownership and responsibility for NeIC’s activities. The present document adjusts the mandate of the NeIC Board to accommodate for the new governance structure. The NeIC Board is expected to revisit the funding structure as part of their strategy process.


The NordForsk Board delegates to the NeIC Board to make strategic decisions regarding computing and data storage infrastructure and react on upcoming opportunities. This includes allocating budget, implementing the organisation structure as well as prioritizing and coordinating Nordic collaboration projects. The NeIC Board will develop and maintain a strategy for NeIC. The NeIC Board recommends the NeIC Director to be appointed by NordForsk.

The NeIC Board reports to the NordForsk Board and to the Boards of the national e-Infrastructures, annually.


NordForsk appoints the NeIC Board based on nominations by the national e-Infrastructure provider organisations. The NeIC Board comprises one person from each country. Members are appointed based on their affiliation to the national system. A Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect is elected by the NeIC Board to a two-year term, succeeding to the role as Chair immediately following the term. The Chair serves for a two-year term.


The NeIC Board will meet on a regular basis.

The NeIC Board has quorum when at least four countries are present. Should the need arise, decisions are based on majority resolution (the vote of the Chair is decisive in case of deadlock situation). At their first meeting, the NeIC Board will agree on rules of procedure.

Secretariat and administration

The Nordic eInfrastructure Cooperation (NeIC) is administered by NordForsk. This includes employing the Director, providing other secretarial and legal assistance to NeIC, administering the NeIC budget and reporting the accounts. The NeIC Director reports to the NeIC Board and the Director of NordForsk. NeIC/NordForsk will not own e-Infrastructure resources. These resources together with necessary staff are to be provided by e-Infrastructure organisations such as the national computing organisations according to specific agreements.