Board member code of conduct

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Code of conduct for NeIC board members.

Approved by the NeIC Board 20.11.2015

As a member of the NeIC Board, I am expected to:

  • Adhere to the regulations set forth in the two NeIC Board Governance documents NeIC Board Rules of Procedure and NeIC governance mandate;
  • Commit sufficient time to become oriented to my responsibilities and to the work of the organization;
  • Regularly attend meetings of the board and of the committee(s) on I agree to serve;
  • Review agenda material and be well prepared for meetings;
  • Contribute to developing the board agendas and to board discussions;
  • Provide advice and support to the board chair and the director;
  • Positively promote the work of organization and advocate for its interests;
  • Contribute to the evaluation of the board’s performance and my own contributions to it;
  • Conduct myself in a spirit of collegiality and respect for the collective decisions of the board, and subordinate my personal interests to the best interests of the organization;
  • Immediately declare any personal conflict of interest that may come to my attention, and;
  • Keep confidential all information that I learn about clients, personnel, collective bargains and any other matters specifically determined by the board to be matters of confidence, including matters dealt with during in-camera meetings of the board.