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Glenna2 steering group meeting

Time: Thursday 2017-09-07 at 09:00-11:00 CET
Place: VideoConference

Live Minutes

Approved: 21 September 2017


  • Martin Bech, representing DeIC, DK
  • Jussi Heikonen, representing CSC, FI
  • Magnús Gíslason, representing CSUI, IS
  • Olav Kvittem, representing UNINETT Sigma2, NO
  • Andreas Hellander, representing SNIC, SE
  • Dan Still Project Manager representing NeIC
  • Michaela Barth, NeIC Executive Manager, representing NeIC, Chair


Google Hangouts



Glenna2 SG 17-27. Welcome and Presence
Glenna2 SG 17-28. Report from Project Manger
Glenna2 SG 17-29. Glenna2 PM allocations and hiring
Glenna2 SG 17-30. Midterm report preparations: Opportunities for continuation
Glenna2 SG 17-31. NeIC Announcements
Glenna2 SG 17-32. AOB and self assessment
Glenna2 SG 17-33. Next meeting


Glenna2 SG 17-27. Welcome and Presence

(5 min)

Presence: Dan Still, Michaela Barth, Martin Bech, Magnús Gíslason, Olav Kvittem,

Jussi Heikonen (joined later at 9:30)

Apologies: Andreas Hellander

Glenna2 SG 17-28. Report on Project Plan from Project Manger

Staffing: Personnel lined up for all the countries.

Report on achievements so far. Excerpts are:

  • Rally Tempest taken into use (CSC & SNIC)
  • Kubernetes quick install
  • Azure HPC test (GROMACS SR-IOV)
  • NordNWP user accounts
  • Bioinformatics use case

(25 min) *File:Glenna2_SG_Meeting_2017-09-07.pdf

Discussion: Aim1:

  • Rally is separate from Monasca.

Money is being saved by not duplicating the work at each IaaS.


  • Kubernetes containers also of interest within Tryggve and will be tested out there.
  • OpenStack running at national IaaSs in FI, SE and now also NO.
  • Bioinformatics also run OpenStack in DK.
  • Kubernetes container orchestration not set up in SE yet, Ola Spjuth could have some profit of it, though! -> Aim2 achievements show clear benefit for use cases!


  • Azure is commercial software from MicroSoft and costs.
  • Comparison with AWS (Amazon Webservices over 10 GB ethernet) in the report
  • Report shows: reasonable performance can be bought on demand on short notice!

Article to 13th IEEE conference on eScience mentioning Glenna2 was accepted: “SNIC Science Cloud (SSC): A National-scale Cloud Infrastructure for Swedish Academia”


  • Invitation from EGI to contribute to OpenStack Book
  • NordNWP use case farthest developed
  • Bioinformatics use case (Ola Spjuth) to focus on Kubernetes.
  • Chipster software in Tromsø would also like to run on OpenStack and contacted Dan (potential use case, but no more details yet)

Decision: The SG took note of the report and thanks Dan Still.

Glenna2 SG 17-29. Glenna2 PM allocations and hiring

10 mins

Please consult presentation in agenda item 17-28


  • Swedish staffing happened during summer
  • (Matteo Carone) will work with Bioinformatics use case
  • Still one person short in DK, and no contract yet for Kasper: Martin Bech answered outstanding question from NeIC administration, no outstanding issues.

PM will re-organize team meetings into more sub-teams for each aim. Less large meetings with the whole team to increase interaction. (Tryggve2 will have a similar meeting structure) Zoom could be the right tool for the large meetings.


Glenna2 SG 17-30. Midterm report preparations: Opportunities for continuation

Midterm report for Glenna2 already due at NeIC Board in June 2018. This midterm report will be the basis for the planning of a potential future Glenna3 or similar project. This might also tie in with a NOSC project.


In which direction should we go towards when planning for continuation after 2017?

  • Jussi: possible connection to Dellingr project?.
  • Saving money supporting the national IaaS, but more visible, tangible result.
  • NOSC + Glenna2 having a common follow up project
  • Opening up access to services
  • More connection within Dellingr


Glenna2 SG 17-31. NeIC Announcements


  • KPIs continued

Usage of facilities KPI still too risky in this phase. See results if NOSC is started, already nice indicator if we have spin-offs like this.

Data component still to largely extent missing.

Collaboration on technology site: hard to formulate into a KPI.

  • NeIC Branding at IaaS login pages?

NeIC Branding /clickable logo makes sense to increase visibility of logo to ensure long-term funding.

Jussi: For CSC it would be ok. has many fathers: not on the front page, but on the about page.

Let’s ask Sweden separately.

  • SG checklist document (Information item)

  • Reference group

SG checklist document (Information item)

Background: NeIC conducted a small project analysis. In its final report, NeIC got recommended to use SG checklists. A template has been provided for this and already has been tested within other NeIC projects. The checklist is thought to act as a useful tool for the SG not to miss important items. The project owner and the project manager will try to fill out this template together and present it at the next SG meeting for a first approval.

Current work in progress:

Example for how this could help us: Meeting minutes for constituting meeting don't state explicitly that tentative ToR as attached to CA was approved and ToR not separately attached to wiki site.

Reference group

Dan Still contacted already some people so far.

  • Ola Spjuth
  • NordNWP person
  • Vera Hansper?
  • Gard Thomassen?

3 people would be enough.

Input from RG important to adjust course for next phase.


  • The following KPIs for Glenna2 will be used in the future: We use the default KPIs. As extra the usage of the facilities will be measured, but not serve as a KPI.
  • The SG members will see where to put the NeIC logo and have internal discussions. The item will be revisited at the next SG meeting.
  • Dan to talk to Tryggve PM about RG.
  • The SG tasks the PM to call for a first RG meeting.

Glenna2 SG 17-32. AOB and self assessment

Decision: Quite effective meeting

Glenna2 SG 17-33. Next meeting

  • PPS course for SG members on January on 11th.
  • Proposed date for next SG meeting: January 16th

Decision: Let’s reserve the whole day, in case of extended discussions outstanding. If not needed we can transform it to a virtual meeting (in the afternoon).