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This page contains information on the NeIC session on Sensitive Data in Biomedical Sciences during the 2014 EGI Community Forum meeting 19-23 May.

Time: 11:00-12:30 on Wednesday 21th
Place: Helsinki, Finland.
Audience: Open to all registered at the EGI CF.
Contact person: Antti Pursula (CSC).
Registration: Email to Antti Pursula (CSC).

Programme and presentations

Tryggve workshop in EGI Community Forum

Time and location: Wed 21st May, at 11:00-12:30
Great Festive Hall, Main Building
Helsinki University, Finland
Chair: Joel Hedlund, NeIC



  • 11:00 Development on Nordic platform for sensitive biomedical data, Antti Pursula, NeIC (slides)

Service developer / provider presentations

  • 11:10 Services for Sensitive Data and eBiobanks at University of Oslo, Gard Thomassen, USIT UiO (slides)
  • 11:25 Cloud services for biomedical research, Pekka Lehtovuori, CSC (slides)

User community presentations and use case proposals

  • 11:40 Nordic Information for Action eScience Center of Excellence (NIASC), Bartlomiej Wilkowski, stand-in for Karin Sundström (slides)
  • 11:50 Biobank Register at Danish National Biobank, Bartlomiej Wilkowski (slides)
  • 12:00 Tryggve use case: Human Whole Genome Sequencing data, Niclas Jareborg, SciLifeLab, Swedish genomics infrastructure (slides)


  • 12:10 Discussion and next steps

The full Conference timetable is available online


The storage and computing requirements of life sciences are rapidly growing - even if not a traditionally computing intensive field. Some data is public, like the human genome. However, significant amount of data needs to be strongly protected, including medical diagnostics of patients or individual genomic information.

The Nordic countries have been active on eveloping solutions for handling of sensitive data. Building on these, NeIC and Nordic ELIXIR Nodes have started a project, Tryggve, to integrate and to pilot platform solutions for managing, processing and sharing sensitive BMS data.

This workshop will give examples of current status of sensitive data services in Nordic countries followed by presentations from potential user communities outlining their requirements. The session will conclude with a discussion for identifying the most pressing requirements for a sensitive data management platform within biomedical sciences. The session is open to everyone.


Aim is to bring together providers and users of sensitive data platforms, to discuss and agree on most important requirements for such e-infrastructure platforms. This will also serve as the first face-to-face event of Tryggve Reference group.

The session will consist of presentations from service providers (2 planned); presentations from user communities (4 talks); and discussion (15 mins).


Facilitate networking with providers and user communities, in Nordic countries and in Europe. Communication of plans of Tryggve project and learning from other initiatives.