E-Infrastructures for massively parallel sequencing workshop 2015

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Workshop name: e-Infrastructures for massively parallel sequencing workshop 2015 (eInfraMPS2015)
Organizer: Ola Spjuth, SciLifeLab
Expected output: Recommendations on how to build efficient and sustainable e-infrastructures for NGS data
When: 19-21 January 2015 (2 days followed by 1 day hackathon)
Where: SciLifeLab Uppsala, Sweden
Website: http://uppnex.se/events/eInfraMPS2015
Video recordings: Dedicated Youtube channel

This workshop will bring together scientists sharing their experiences on how to build efficient and sustainable e-infrastructures for NGS data management and storage, and setting up and maintaining associated ecosystem of workflows, pipelines, and bioinformatics software. Day 1 will consists of presentations by invited speakers, Day 2 will include presentations, discussions and tutorials, and Day 3 will be a hackathon where scientists can program together on any subject of choice.

The event is funded by SeqAhead, SciLifeLab, eSSENCE, SeRC, NeIC and BILS.


The workshop entitled "e-Infrastructures for Massively Parallel Sequencing" (eInfraMPS2015) took place in Uppsala on Jan 19-20, 2015. The workshop consisted of presentations, discussion sessions, and hands-on tutorials and was visited by a total of 89 people distributed over the following countries:

Country Participants
Sweden 59
Finland 6
Norway 5
Austria 3
Pakistan 3
Spain 3
Italy 2
Bulgaria 1
Czech Republic 1
Denmark 1
Estonia 1
Greece 1
India 1
Poland 1
Switzerland 1
Total 89

The NeIC logo was present on Website, program, and in announcements. I am also happy that Joel Hedlund participated and presented NeIC and the upcoming conference in May. The program and all slides are available from the workshop website [1] and video recordings from the presentations are available in a dedicated youtube channel [2].