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Dellingr Steering Group meeting

Time: Thursday December 5th 2019 10h00 -12h00 CET


Live minutes: I am using the wiki page for minutes. Feel free to contribute to the live minute page and I will look later.


  • Kurt Gammelgaard Nielsen, DK
  • Per-Olov Hammargren, SE
  • Jussi Heikonen, FI
  • Ebba Þóra Hvannberg, IS
  • Ivar Koppel, EE
  • Hans Eide, NO (Observer)
  • Tomasz Malkiewicz, NeIC, Project owner
  • John White, NeIC, Project manager


19-4-1 Presence, approval of the agenda (TM, for decision) 5'

19-4-2 Project status (JW, for information) 15'

  • Project works well.

DO4 "User authentication, authorization and accounting"

  • Received comments from CSC (2019/11/21).
  • Some minor updates have been clarified/updated.

- Section 4 Authentication. First paragraph

- 4.1 Denmark

- 4.3 Finland

- 4.4 Iceland

- 4.6 Sweden (already approved by Anders)

- 4.8.2 eduroam. Doubly clarified that eduroam NOT used to access HPC.

  • This document should have been read many times before, if these above points can be checked before 2019/102/05, then can we approve this document?

DO5 "Resource exchange implementation and agreement"

  • Contact with EY established.

(available as links from

  • Discussions lead us to now think that a further consultation with EY does not make sense.
  • Project to produce a one page note on DO5/VAT.
  • Any conclusion(s) can only be an opinion until challenged in a court (European or national).
  • From the above report: "As this report shows, the VAT treatment in this area is complex and the VAT rules are not necessary the same or even smilar in all Nordic countries. We suggest having a meeting after reading this report."

DO6 "Nordic availability of shared resources"

  • The Test of Cross-Border Resource sharing service linked to this Deliverable.
  • We are re-advertising this test after the holidays as very slow response.
  • System works as anticipated so far.
  • We have six clients.
  • The "foreign" MAX IV users still to be accommodated.
  • LUMI opportunity

19-4-3 Forum of National HPC Providers (JW, for information) 15'

DO8 "An open long-term plan for coordinating acquisitions"

  • Moved to "Common collaboration on acquisition strategy"
  • FtF workshop held on 6th November. Targeting procurement people.
  • Next regular meeting Tuesday, 26th November, 2019, 10h00-11h00 EET (Espoo)
  • Request from the high-level track
    • Road maps
      • National Providers short term (max 2 years)
      • National strategies long term
      • Vendors road maps

DO9 "Support in enabling NT1 resource exchange"

  • Presented to the NLCG meeting on 13th November. Minutes of meeting protected.
  • Exercise well-received and will be considered for cases where resources are temporarily needed within NT1.

19-4-4 Project Plan

  • Project will end on 2020/03/15
  • Project plan edited and v2.10 available:
  • Risk list. Please see:

Risk ID:

1: We do have sufficient commitment from the national providers. Resources contributed to resource-sharing tests and technical assistance for the framework. Also, technical assistance for integration e.g. accounting.

2: Competences are available.

3: So far, we have followed the national requirements for processes in order to share resources.

4: Researchers interested in resource-sharing in first test. Overall User Communities have not given a general opinion. We now have some clients for the second test. Re-advertised in Finland.

5: The second round with EY consultants started. Need to establish the rules/cost etc.

6: Ministry approval still to be found.

19-4-5 Benefit Realization (TM, 30 min)

19-4-6 Dellingr future (JW & TM, for information)

19-4-7 Next meetings (TM, for decision) 5'

  • Proposals...


Meeting December 5th 2019


  • John (NeIC, PM)
  • Rob (NeIC, Chair)
  • Mattias (SNIC),
  • Hans (Uninett observer),
  • Ebba (RHNET),
  • Ivar (ETAIS,
  • Jussi (CSC)

Apologies: Kurt (DeIC), Tomasz (NeIC)

19-4-1 Presence, approval of the agenda

Agenda is accepted and nothing to add for AOB.

19-4-2 Project Status

Project status, all proceeding fine. Move to the documents to be reviewed

DO4 "User authentication, authorization and accounting"

Question: Could this be a good document to advance the level of AAI in the Nordics?

Answer: Yes, this could help to address deficiencies between countries and federations. This document can be used as an overview for others.

Decision: This document is approved by the SG and may be published to the public wiki page.

DO5 "Resource exchange implementation and agreement"

Question: So nobody can say anything conclusive about VAT. Can they give the probabilities that a certain scheme will be successful?

Answer: Short answers: Nothing is written as conclusive, even from the EY consultants. Nobody gives probabilities.

Comment: It seems that anything that can be reasonably done has been done here.

Comment: We have responded to the strawman report for EOSC-Nordic on the subject of VAT:

DO6 "Nordic availability of shared resources"

Comment: Nothing had been agreed on regarding the access methods to Lumi. This could be interesting.

Decision: We can move the due date for DO6 to January 2020.

19-4-3 Forum of National HPC Providers (JW, for information) 15'

DO8 "An open long-term plan for coordinating acquisitions"

Decision: Agree that to get vendor roadmaps and be able to place them on our wiki page will almost be impossible due to NDAs and availability etc. Agree with the project group. Concentrate on collecting the short/long term roadmaps from national providers etc.

DO9 "Support in enabling NT1 resource exchange"

  • No comments and no objections to publish to the public wiki page.
  • Decision: SG approves to publish to the Dellingr public wiki page.

19-4-5 Benefit Realization

  • We skip this as Tomasz cannot be present.

Question: Who filled in this sheet?

Answer: Tomasz and I (John, PM).

19-4-6 Dellingr future

  • Nothing different to the last SG meeting. Decisions from the NeIC board later.

19-4-7 Next meetings

  • We have Tomasz and Kurt absent.
  • Action: John/Tomasz to set up a Doodle poll.


  • None.