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Dellingr steering group meeting

Time: 2018-04-06 14h00 CEST



  • Kurt Gammelgaard Nielsen, DK
  • Per-Olov Hammargren, SE
  • Heta Koski, FI
  • Ebba Þóra Hvannberg, IS
  • Ivar Koppel, EST
  • Gunnar Boe, NO (Observer)
  • Tomasz Malkiewicz, NeIC, Project owner
  • John White, NeIC, Project manager
  • Rob Pennington, NeIC

Agenda :

18-1-01 Presence, approval of agenda (5')

  • Presence: John, Rob, Heta (FI), Ebba (IS), Per-Olov (SE), Ivar (EE)
  • Missing: Kurt (DK)
  • Agenda is approved. Nothing to add to the agenda.

18-1-02 Dellingr Project status



Deliverable 1

  • Comments on document format?
  • Work to integrate IS (FI later) into Waldur ongoing.


  • Is two weeks enough to read the document and comment? Yes, we schedule at meeting for this at the end of this meeting (see below).
  • What is the process? Should we have a new SG meeting or discussion? (Meeting in two weeks).
  • What are the main points of the document?
    • Resource exchange mechanism. Continuous exchange.
    • Exchange rates based on "popularity".
    • Benchmarking using the PRACE suite.
  • How does this popularity weighting work (POH)?
    • Resources contributed and used fully get a weight that tends towards 1. Resources contributed and not used, weight towards 0.
    • Baseline not known... but the framework (Waldur?) an track the quantities.

Skeikampen meeting


Any comments... No comments to this section.

High-level track

  • DO7 from project plan due in June 2018.
  • From the Skeikampen meeting:
  • Common user agreement needed... SE user agreement sent as model. No objections.
    • Needs to be discussed and checked by legal rep.
  • Composition of the forum for the high-level track?
    • "... a forum of national HPC providers. Inviting of national HPC providers in the Nordics to discuss sharing policies. Members including directors of national e-infrastructure providers, NeIC. Also a forum of experts for people running national procurements to exchange experiences."
  • Schedule?
    • Acceptance of DO1
    • Schedule meeting later in May?
    • My view on composition: NeiC, SG, plus "some others".
    • Face to face better.


POH: If we have a common user agreement what would be the legal unit that the users are signing towards? Who would be the legal entity?

JW: At first guess NeIC/Nordforsk if agreeable. Otherwise like the pilot the users have to sign with the host.

HK: Is see also issues very close to DO4. For the AAI and federated identities. Also I have not seen the Swedish user agreement.

POH: I will forward to you (thanks). We also are in the process of upgrading our user agreement.

POH: These legal issues are definitely for high-level group. Once we have a resource sharing proposal we will ask respective lawyers.

JW: We will schedule a meeting for this high-level group for the end of May (after mid May). Send a doodle to group. Date after May 14th. Could we host at Estonia or CSC?

IK: Our institute not so easy to reach.

HK: CSC, we can host.

ACTION: JW: Doodle for high-level track at the end of May.

ACTION: POH: Send SE user agreement to Heta at CSC.

NT1 Support

JW: Need to consult with NT1 (Mattias W) on our exchange mechanism.

POH: We discussed this before... could you check in the previous meeting minutes what should be done here?

Update on partner and personnel commitments (for discussion)

POH: As noted in the PG meeting cpule of weeks ago. Does everyone have access to the project plan? (Yes).

Updated Dellingr project plan, version 2.8, draft (for discussion) 15'

POH: Looking at the text of DO8? The WLCG is a different case. For the Nordic Met offices... clubbed together to buy an existing computer at NSC. What will we learn?

RP: These were included as examples. Agreement by 2022 that the 4 met offices will work together? We can see how they moved acquisitions across boundaries. WLCG may not need to be there. PRACE could be used instead.

RP: We should check with Michaela on the new WLCG agreement.

(Not due until June 2019)

Dellingr Phase 2 Collaboration Agreement status (for discussion) 10'

Anything to be noted?

POH: We have signed.

(Nobody else at this meeting has NOT signed).

ACTION: JW: Check with Kine on the status.

Decision Point

The PPS DP5 to continue the project? Passed.

Next meetings 5'

Friday 27th 13h00 CEST.

  • Here we will discuss the DO1 document.
  • Agenda for the high-level track meeting.
    • Who else to add to the high-level track?

AOB 5'