Pool Competencies working group meetings

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NOTE: Meeting minutes and more details on all the meetings, also virtual and planning meetings are/will be found in the internal area in the wiki.

Agenda 1 Mar 2016, 1300-1430 CET first virtual team meeting

The first virtual meeting is focused on context and background:

  • Present strategy implementation plan, including proposed ToR (Gudmund)
  • Broad overview: Links to other activities within NeIC (Gudmund)
  • Discussion: Expectations for intended outcome (everyone prepares)
  • Present some current ideas and intentions (Rob)

Agenda 2 Mar 2016, 1300-1430 CET second virtual team meeting

On the second virtual meeting we'll start already working on ideas:

  • Deciding on ToR for working group.
  • Short (~5 min) overview of national activities
  • Discuss strategy implementation plan
  • Communication within working group
  • NEW Discuss ideas for Task b "Establish NeIC and cross-border training programmes in 2016"
  • Discussing agenda for physical meeting

29th of March 2016, 9:30-15:30 CET, Arlanda, physical meeting

1st of June 2016, 9:30-15:30 CEST, Oslo, NordForsk, physical meeting