Nordiquest Reference Group

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This page contains information about the NordIQuEst Reference Group and the accepted meeting minutes.

Reference Group Members

  • Abreu Rui, PT
  • Chow Jerry, US
  • Jansik Branislav, CZ
  • Johnsen Marie Fjær, NO
  • Kaevand Toomas, EE
  • Maniscalco Sabrina, FI
  • Mäkinen Ville, FI
  • Nilsen Terje, NO
  • Rekman Olivia, FI
  • Schulz Laura, DE
  • Sutton Peter, US
  • Torres Ariana, NL
  • Vall-llosera Gemma, SE
  • Unruh Dominique, EE
  • Rob Pennington, Project Owner
  • Alberto Lanzanova, Project Manager, Chair

Reference Group Meetings