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Our vision is to implement a Nordic virtual laboratory for Natural Language Processing by piloting innovative ways to share HPC and data resources across country borders, by pooling competency in expert support teams and within the user community, and by enabling internationally competitive, data-intensive research and experimentation.

Project Partners

  • University of Oslo (UiO)
  • University of Copenhagen (UoC)
  • Uppsala University (UU)
  • University of Helsinki (UoH)
  • University of Turku (UoT)
  • CSC-IT Center for Science Ltd., Espoo, Finland (CSC)
  • UNINETT Sigma2 AS, Trondheim, Norway (Sigma2)
  • Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC)

Steering Group

  • Tomasz Malkiewicz (chair, PO), NeIC
  • Stephan Oepen, UiO
  • Anders Søgaard, UoC
  • Joakim Nivre, UU
  • Jörg Tiedemann, UoH
  • Filip Ginter, UoT
  • Martin Matthiesen, CSC
  • Gunnar Bøe, Sigma2

Project Personnel

  • Stephan Oepen (UiO)
  • Andrey Kutuzov (UiO)
  • Murhaf Fares (UiO)
  • Emanuele Lapponi (UiO)
  • Yan Shao (UU)
  • Ali Basirat (UU)
  • Christian Hardmeier (UU)
  • Miryam de Lhoneux (UU)
  • Sara Stymne (UU)
  • Filip Ginter (UoT)
  • Jenna Kanerva (UoT)
  • Juhani Luotolahti (UoT)
  • Aleksi Vesanto (UoT)
  • Jörg Tiedemann (UoH)
  • Yves Scherrer (UoH)
  • Chloé Braud (UoC)
  • Ophélie Lacroix (UoC)
  • Thomas Röblitz (NeIC, project manager)

Public Documents

Steering Group Meetings


  • 2016-12-20 work plan PDF
  • 2016-12-20 person months budget PDF

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