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Building on the enthusiasm from the first two Nordic e-Infrastructure conferences, we are happy to announce the next NeIC conference, to be hosted by NeIC and SNIC - the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing. Similar to the first two NeIC conferences we aim to organise NeIC 2017 as a collaboration between CSC, DeIC, NeIC, NORDUnet, RHnet, SNIC and UNINETT Sigma.

This webpage will be continuously updated with new information up to, during, and after the event.

Event: NeIC 2017 conference
Time: 2017-05-29 – 2017-06-01.
Location: Umeå, Sweden.
Wiki: (this page).
Registration: Opening 2016-01-30


Please see

Open call for workshops

NeIC has an open call for hosting workshops for Nordic communities at the NeIC 2017 conference in Umeå, closing 2016-12-14.

For details please see


The conference program (under development) is available here:

The list of accepted workshops is available here:


Project owner: Gudmund Høst, NeIC
Project leader: Pål Pettersen, NeIC

Working groups

These are the various groups that do work to plan and carry out the event.

Steering group

Organizing committee

  • Pål Pettersen, NeIC, Project leader (outgoing)
  • Kine Nordstokkå, Project leader (incoming), Project leader (incoming)
  • Mattias Wadestein, Local organizer

Further members TBA.

Program reference group

"The Programme Reference Group (PRG), will consist of well-connected individuals with expertise covering a broad range of fields related to e-Infrastructure and its use. The PRG will function as a think tank with its mandate to propose a programme concept of bold and creative ideas; including session themes, formats and keynote speakers. The Programme Committee will then transfer the ideas of the PRG into a coherent programme and invite suggested speakers."

Meetings, as needed: Program reference group meetings (closed minutes).

Please see the NeIC official website.

Internal working area: Conference program development wiki.

Program committee

The responsibilities of the program committee is to invite speakers, and to schedule talks and sessions into a coherent time plan for the conference.

Meetings, weekly: Program committee meetings (closed minutes).

Please see the NeIC official website.

Internal working area: Conference program development wiki.

Local organising committee

The responsibilities of the local organising committee include communication with venue service providers and running local "ground service".

  • Mattias Wadenstein, NeIC (chair)

Further members TBA.