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NT1 meeting 2021-04-26, 10:00 - 11:00 CET, online

Invited: Mattias Wadenstein (Technical lead (TL)), Oxana Smirnova (HEP), Vincent Garonne (Activity Manager (AM->PM)), Tomasz Malkiewicz (Activity Owner (AO->PO))


  1. Presence and approval of agenda
  2. Personnel changes - for information
  3. On-boarding policy document - for approval
  4. NT1 evaluation - for discussion
  5. Open Action points
  6. Next meetings
  7. AOB

Minutes (approved 2021-05-03)

1. Presence and approval of agenda

  • Present: Mattias Wadenstein, Oxana Smirnova, Vincent Garonne, Tomasz Malkiewicz
  • Decision: The agenda is approved.

2. Personnel changes

  • MP got contract renewed
  • EE reduced participation to 25%

Note: Possible 50% new NT1 position will be discussed after the NT1 evaluation (NeIC Board in June)

3. On-boarding policy document

  • For approval:


Discussion on the unresolved comments: Operations cost for running some disk pools on after end of service. This would be the lowest cost option for finding storage space that we could offer for test/pilot usage

  • AP TL: will put the number / estimates from Umeä

Decision: approved, can be added to the NT1 evaluation as an appendix.

4.NT1 evaluation

PO explains the NT1 evaluation

  • ATLAS and ALICE publications impact factor
  • CMS not a member of NT1
  • AP TL: Write a chapter about centralised vs. decentralised model for NT1
  • AP HEP: Write about LUMI opportunities, document by Tomas Linden can be added as an appendix
  • AP HEP: Write a chapter about RRB
  • Deadline for contribution: 2021-05-03
  • Cost per value: centralised option vs. distributed
  • No synchronization: more overhead of running national Tier-2

5. Open Action Points

  • (done) AP TL: On-boarding policy: Let NT1 SG know when reviewed
  • AP TL: keep following-up with EISCAT-3D.
    • New budgetary limits
    • NeIC Director to be involved, primarily through NT1 Activity Owner
  • AP TL: Reply to Ingrid Mann, cc Tomasz. Points to notice: Nordic countries not members of EGI anymore, UK a member. EE a member, but not a part of EISCAT_3D.
  • AP TL: to make operational procedures again public and up to date so it can be referred to. (transferred to PM)

6. Next meetings

  • Thursday 10 june 2021 11:00 – 12:00

7. AOB

  • DK NT1 services run by University of Copenhagen, DeiC not involved