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NT1 meeting 2021-02-22, 10:00 - 11:00 CET, online

Invited: Mattias Wadenstein (Technical lead (TL)), Oxana Smirnova (HEP), Michaela Barth (PO until 2021-01-31, observer), Vincent Garonne (Activity Manager (AM->PM)), Tomasz Malkiewicz (Activity Owner (AO->PO))


  1. Presence and approval of agenda
  2. Personnel changes
  3. Update of NT1 SG ToR
  4. On-boarding policy
  5. NT1 evaluation
  6. NLCG committee aftermath
  7. Open Action points
  8. Next meetings
  9. AOB

Minutes (approved 2021-02-29)

1. Presence and approval of agenda

  • Present: Mattias Wadenstein, Oxana Smirnova, Michaela Barth, Tomasz Malkiewicz
  • Known absences: Vincent Garonne
  • Decision: The agenda is approved.

2. Personnel changes

  • Vincent Garonne started as a PM and Mattias Wadenstein as TL on 2021-01-01
    • Contracting going slow, currently at legal department
  • Tomasz Malkiewicz took over from Michaela Barth as a PO on 2021-02-01
  • FI staff member went down from 75 to 50%
    • If PM goes down from 75 to 50%, 0.5 FTE available (maybe propose hiring someone)
  • SE former staff member funding from Swedish LHC, not going through NeIC
    • No major effect on NT1 since he is still doing the same work with different money flow
  • NLCG committee: both TL and PM are ex-officio members, as well as PO

3. Update of NT1 SG ToR

  • Decision: New NT1 SG ToR approved

4. On-boarding policy

  • Towards finalizing the policy
  • Needs to be ready by the end of April 2021
    • AP Mattias: Let NT1 SG know when reviewed

5. NT1 evalauation

Current plan:

  • Responsibilities
    • Project Analyst: Special Adviser
    • Activity Owner: PO
    • Activity Manager: PM
    • Orderer of Evaluation: NeIC Director
  • PM-PO works in tandem in responding to the request from the PA.
  • Timeline proposal
    • Initiate on 1 Mar 2021
    • Extract or reuse information from the most recent RCN application
    • Report to the NeIC XT, that could be added as an appendix to NeIC Board cover page, deadline first part of May 2021
    • Report to NeIC board in June meeting
  • Scope and format proposal
    • See “Proposal for Reviewing Long Term Collaborations”
      • If one of the topics not relevant, explain why it is not relevant (1 sentence)
      • Contributions to research excellence in the Nordic region
      • The effectiveness at meeting the goals of the project as described in the project or activity plan
      • The budget, including
        • A description of the sources and expenditures to date and expected in the future
        • An analysis of the risks for the budget
        • The potential for wider or transitional funding to EC or other sources
        • Any special circumstances, e.g. HL-LHC future requirements, costs of transition to operations at national e-infrastructure providers, etc.
      • National commitments and partnerships or associated efforts
      • Relevance and inclusion in national roadmaps
      • Nordic added value, including the uniqueness or quality of the collaboration
      • Relevance beyond the region, e.g. ESFRI, UN Sustainable Development Goals, etc.
  • Tentatively report to the NeIC Board in June.
  • Vincent started a google doc NT1 Evaluation for NeIC Board 2021
  • High-luminosity LHC to be brought up in the evaluation
    • Recommended by NLCG committee to focus on the readiness for it
    • Part of Proposal for Reviewing Long Term Collaborations

6. NLCG committee meeting 2021-02-19 aftermath

  • Oxana to send the minutes likely 2021-02-22
  • LHC LUMI document
    • Core is there, good start
  • LHC restart expected spring 2022, can be delayed till summer
    • Heavy load expected, to catch up with physics
  • Bergen tape
    • Arrived a while ago, still not installed
    • Bergen former staff member left, new person employed
      • AP Mattias: Follow up on adding the new person to NT1 communication
    • Needs to be online for the next Heavy ion ALICE run, usually happens at the end of the year

7. Open Action Points

  • (done) AP Michaela discuss in-kind contribution discrepancies in the budget confirmed to NT1 perceived with NeIC Director
    • 4.62 listed, while it is in fact 5.8
  • (done) AP Mattias confirm actual spent in-kind numbers for 2020 for remaining sites
  • AP Mattias: keep following-up with EISCAT-3D.
    • New budgetary limits
    • NeIC Director to be involved, primarily through NT1 Activity Owner
  • AP: Mattias to make operational procedures again public and up to date so it can be referred to. (transferred to Vincent)

8. Next meetings

  • Mon, 2021-04-26 at 10 CEST

9. AOB

  • Board report
  • NT1 not affected by the pandemic, no changes to NT1 operation needed
    • For other sites e.g., plans for upgrading the resources placed on-hold/problems with installing upgrades due to lack of access to the site
  • Numbers to be filled under reliability
  • 2020 accounting numbers:
    • overall CPU 165% of pledge provided: 5% of total CPU for ALICE and 6% of total CPU for ATLAS
    • Disk: 175% of pledge provided (129% used)
    • Tape: 75% of pledge provided