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NDHL (Nordic Digital Humanities Laboratory)

This page contains public information about the pre-study NDHL - Nordic Digital Humanities Laboratory.

NeIC's community forming pre-studies are intended to stimulate Nordic teams-in-formation to explore synergies of common e-infrastructure solutions. The funding is given to the partner who coordinates the pre-study.

Start: October 1st 2019 Budget: 200,000 NOK


  • Center for Humanities Computing Aarhus, Aarhus University (coordination)

Background and Goals

The rapid growth of digital data and computational technologies referred to as big data, artificial intelligence, and the digital revolution, is transforming knowledge discovery and understanding in every domain of human inquiry. This transformation is challenging research in the humanities and arts due to restrictions on data and limited access to shared compute and data infrastructure, that is, e-Infrastructure. A recent Nordic survey has confirmed this by showing a great interest in e-Infrastructure for highly heterogeneous and unstructured cultural heritage data, such as text and image data stored in national libraries. This interest however is most pronounced for "expert users", that is, researchers with extensive experience in programming, software-driven innovation, and e-Infrastructure. Because humanities and arts have been more challenged by the digital revolution than other research areas, development of e-Infrastructure has favored its core areas, such as cultural studies, history, literature and languages, that have limited knowledge of state of the art computing and data management. While this strategy has resulted in several interesting research projects, it has had the unfortunate consequence of neglecting expert users who has had to rely on local and divergent e-Infrastructure.

Nordic Digital Humanities Laboratory (NDHL) will create convergence in Nordic humanities and arts e-Infrastructures through a participant-driven virtual laboratory for compute- and data-intensive research. NDHL's goals are to 1) develop a common data, software and service stack at royal libraries and high performance computing centers across the Nordics; 2) ensure joint access to restricted and copyrighted cultural heritage data; and 3) develop a sandbox environment which enables explorations of cultural heritage collections. The partners of NDHL span universities, libraries and infrastructure providers across the Nordics that join forces in order to connect humanities and arts research that rely on compute- and data-intensive applications in a stronger research community where access to and sharing of data and compute resources are made faster and more efficient through a Nordic collaboration. While expert user develop and manage the infrastructure, it is open to all researchers in the Nordics. NDHL is initiated as a NeIC pre-study in order to develop prototypes solutions, map synergies, identify stakeholder, and build an open and inclusive community.



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Public documents

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