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The NDGF all hands meeting is planned for 24-25 May at USIT, UiO, Oslo, Norway. The target audience is NT1 staff and site admins from all the participating sites in the Nordic Tier-1 site.

Practical Information

Getting to USIT

USIT is located in Kristen Nygaards hus near Blindern campus of the University of Oslo. The closest public transportation station is Forskningsparken, served by T-bane lines 4 and 5, and tram lines 17 and 18. ruter.no webpage will provide the information on how to reach Forskningsparken from where you stay in Oslo. See also the information on tickets.

From Scandic Edderkoppen (the place to stay for most of you) you can take either trams 17 or 18 from Holbergs plass or T-bane 4 or 5 from Nationaltheatret.

Kristen Nygaards hus is located behind the big black building, which is immediately visible from Forskningsparken station. The meeting will happen in the room 3212, on the third floor. Ring Dmytro Karpenko on +47-9577-6417 if you have problems finding your way to or inside the building.


Lunches and coffee will be served right to the meeting room. The dinner will take place at Tekehtopa cafe, which is just across the street from Scandic Edderkoppen.


24 May

  • 11:00 Start and coffee.
  • 11:10 Sites report.
  • 12:00 There can be only one: Pools should have only one network interface.
  • 12:15 KPIs. Current ones are unrealistic, we need new ones.
  • 12:30 Lunch.
  • 13:30 dCache Pool Hardware update discussion
  • 14:30 Coffee
  • 14:45 Decommissioning of the Norwegian T2: what is going to be shut down and when.
  • 15:15 Transfer statistics grinding. Anything of interest found?
  • 15:45 Publishing of ARC logs and statistics in our ELK.
  • 16:15 dCache OS configuration. Local DNS cache was a recent new discovery. Are other sites doing something good that's not in https://wiki.neic.no/wiki/DCache_Pool_installation ?
  • 18:00 Homebrew session. Not the Apple kind.
  • 19:30 Dinner.

25 May

  • 09:00 Start and coffee.
  • 09:10 Unconference session. The sites decide what they would like to discuss among themselves and proceed. NDGF staff is just one of the participants in the sites steered discussion.
  • 12:00 End and lunch.


NDGF_all_hands_2016_notes. Many thanks to Johan.


All attendees, please register in the table below (or email Mattias Wadenstein or Dmytro Karpenko if you don't have edit rights). Headcount is important to get food right. And we wouldn't want someone to be without food, would we?

To make it easier to combine transport to the airport, please fill in the arrival and departure too.

Attendee Fly in day Arrival time Fly out day Departure time Hotel Notes
Dmytro Lives in Oslo
Jens 24/5 10:28 25/5 16:56 Comfort Xpress Central Station Train
Oxana 24/5 12:50 25/5 16:15 HTL Karl Johan
Johan Guldmyr 24/5 08:05 25/5 17:10 Scandic Edderkoppen
Maswan 23/5 22:05 25/5 19:55 Scandic Edderkoppen
Tiggi 24/5  8:05 25/5 17:10  Scandic Edderkoppen
Chrulle 23/5 ? 25/5 13:00 Scandic Edderkoppen Probably by car
Gudmund 24/5  - 24/5 -  (home) Participation only on 24/5
Roger O 24/5 10:20 25/5 17:00 Scandic Edderkoppen
Erik 24/5 8:10 25/5 14:25 Scandic Edderkoppen
Petter 24/5 10:30 25/5 15:55 HTL Karl Johan
Gerd 24/5 9:20 25/5 15:10 Scandic Edderkoppen
Mikael R 24/5 09:35 25/5 18:20 Scandic Edderkoppen
Saerda 24/5 TBD 25/5 TBD TBD
Gsciacca 23/5 16:00 26/5 10:45 Anker
Kai 24/5 10:28 25/5 16:56 Scandic Edderkoppen Train
Rune Kildetoft 24/5 8:25 25/5 17:25 Scandic Edderkoppen
Tomas 24/5 8:05 25/5 17:10 Scandic Edderkoppen
Jon Lives in Oslo