Members of the forum in 2014

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Members of the Provider Forum are:

  • 4-7 senior technical experts proposed by the national e-Infrastructure Providers:
    • Ann-Charlotte Sonnhammer (Chair SNIC)
    • Jura Tarus (CSC)
    • Andreas Jaunsen (Sigma2)
    • Ole Frendved Hansen (DeIC)
    • Baldur Eiríksson (IS)
  • NeIC Generic Area Coordinator (Secretary to the Forum): (on maternity leave) Michaela Barth
  • NeIC Generic Area Coordinator (Secretary to the Forum): Dejan Vitlacil
  • NeIC Director (Observer to the Forum): Gudmund Høst

Vision: Vision document on Nordic HPC and e-Infrastructure collaboration from national e-Infrastructure providers, presented to the NeIC Board on 11. June, 2014, Item 14-17.

National e-Infrastructure Providers' vision document, 4. June, 2014