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Glenna2 Kickoff - June 7th 2017

Time: Wednesday 2017-06-07
Place: Clarion Hotel (SkyCity) Arlanda Airport Sweden
Room: Köpenhamn 13th floor
Contact person: Dan Still.
Address of the location: SkyCity beteen Terminals 4 and 5. Official address: Tornvägen 2 190 60 Stockholm Arlanda , Sweden Tel. +46 8 444 18 00

Program: 9:30 - 10:00 Coffee

  • Welcome (Michaela) slides
  • Present Project Directive and Project Plan (Dan) slides
  • Presentations on nordic cloud initiatives per project aim (approx 20 minutes per presenter)
    • Gurvinder Singh - A collaboration platform for data intensive computations.
    • Salman Toor - Future generations hybrid einfrastructure

12:00 - 13:15 Lunch

Presentations continued

  • Kalle Happonen - cPouta IaaS slides
  • Use cases
    • NordNWP

14:00-14:15 Coffee

  • Project plan discussion (open discussion)
  • Practical arrangements: weekly meetings etc.
  • Wrap up and group picture



Glenna project personnel are entitled to reimbursements of travel expenses from NeIC. If in doubt whether you are eligible for reimbursement, please contact Dan Still.


The kick-off will take place at Arlanda airport Sweden at the Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport, conference center. We have a conference room booked and lunch and coffee will be served. Eduroam WiFi is available.

Remote connection

We will try to provide you with some remote connection on Google Hangouts: 

so you can listen in.

You don't need to register if you only want to connect remotely.

Registration and Participants

Please register in advance through the Doodle poll at

alternatively by mailing Dan Still or by adding yourself to the poll above.

Registration has ended .