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Glenna2 steering group meeting

Time: Friday 2020-03-20 at 12:30-14:30 CET
Place: VideoConference Zoom:

Live Minutes

Approved : 31st of March


  • Aleksi Kallio, representing CSC, FI
  • Maria Francesca Iozzi, representing UNINETT Sigma2, NO
  • Andreas Hellander, representing SNIC, SE
  • Dan Still Project Manager representing NeIC
  • Michaela Barth, NeIC Executive Manager, representing NeIC, Chair



Glenna2 SG 20-01. Welcome and Presence
Glenna2 SG 20-02. NeIC announcements
Glenna2 SG 20-03. Project Report
Glenna2 SG 20-04. Decision on Deliverables
Glenna2 SG 20-05. DP checklist and business case
Glenna2 SG 20-06. Upcoming final report procedures
Glenna2 SG 20-07. Sustaining benefits and future outlook discussion
Glenna2 SG 20-08. AOB and self assessment


20-01. Welcome and Presence

Michaela, Dan, Andreas, Aleksi, Francesca (from 12:50)

Decision: We have quorum.

20-02. NeIC announcements

Last NeIC Open call received three applications.

Covid-19 implications for NeIC projects collected.

20-03. Project Report

Good final workshop in Uppsala in March. ICT40 proposal with deadline April 26th, possibly extended like many others.

Decision: The report is taken note of and Dan Still is recommended for his work during the project.

20-04. Decision on Deliverables

Up for approval: Aim1 Target4 Ceph report. Aim2 Target 1: taken over by Dan, to be approved once finished by the end of month. Aim3 Target 4 deliverables: Maria Francesca to follow-up on D1 and D2 reports

Anchoring: Aim3 Target 4 D4 deliverable was approved via email with effective date of December 31st, together with adding Aim2 Target2 to project plan.

Decisions: The A1T4 report is approved and to be uploaded with a DOI. The drafts for remaining 3 deliverables are due by the end of the month. The SG will comment within 2 weeks on changes needed for approval.

20-05. DP checklist and business case

The DP checklist document was updated.

20-06. Final report procedures

Example for assessments:

Decision: Deadline for final input and SG assessment is set to Monday 30th of March. The final version will be approved via email.

Dan will still work on the final report in April.

20-07. Sustaining benefits and future outlook discussion programme effective sind 2020 offers the possibility to host about one workshop per year.

Containercloud collaboration is an option for continuation. However, the landscape changes fast in the OpenShift and Kubernetes domains.

A continued collaboration on Lean/AI toolkit could potentially take place in EOSC Nordic.

Regarding Lean AI Stack (new release expected today): A similar platform, but closed source, is available from a Finnish company called Valohai:

The Glenna2 collaborators are looking forward to up and coming NeIC opencall opportunities related to cloud and AI topics.

SG 20-08. AOB and self assessment

Wiki and certificate problems experienced during meeting preparation otherwise this was a good finalization meeting.