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NeIC Glenna Work Package specification February 2016 Dan Still

WP0 Project management

  • T0.1 – Report to the steering group. Monitor project progress and expenses against planned schedule and ensuring that milestones are met and deliverables are produced on time.
  • T0.2 - Receive and distribute funds to the partners according to agreed budget.
  • T0.3 - Produce financial and technical reports
  • T0.4 - Oversee dissemination of results and potential IPR related matters.
  • T0.5 - Manage risks.

WP1 Cloud Storage

  • T1.1 - Integration
    • Integration of storage facility in federated resources (Kalmar2) Tailored access trough Glenna portal or equiv.
    • Identity management and accounting/billing according to Glenna scheme.
    • EUDAT2020 collaboration: B2Drop technology transfer and followup.
  • T1.2 - Performance
    • Performance optimization.
    • By horizontal scaling (sharding) obtain improved bandwidth and lower latency.
  • T1.3 - Evaluation of staging.
    • Evaluation of techniques for staging to Glenna compute resources.
    • Evaluation of techniques for enhanced access to resources and seamless integration trough identity recognition, authentication and **automated data transfer pre and post computation.
  • T1.4 - Subsystem evaluation
    • Performance measurements.
    • Effects of sharding and other means of scaling.

WP2 Federated resources (accounts, billing (technical aspect), data transfer)

  • T2.1 - Federation management requirement specification. Task defining the requirements for federation management.
  • T2.2 - Architectural design of the federation management support.
  • T2.3 - Federation management and identity management. Develop the technology for managing federation of clouds, solve issues related to billing and account management.
  • T2.4 - (Not Relevant) Provisioning interfaces. Providing web-based user interfaces to allow access to the Glenna platform
  • T2.5 - Managing security policies within the federations. The task will develop strategies for the enforcement of federated security policies, and provide implementation solutions.
  • T2.6 - Resource provisioning. The purpose of this task is to provide components for resource provisioning selecting resource providers capable of fulfilling user needs

WP3 VM mgmt (security, image banks, configuration mgmt, automated building)

  • T3.1 - Design and implement tools for configuration management and automated building.
  • T3.2 - Create customised and automatically provided Cloud Images
  • T3.3 - Controlling Access in Virtual Infrastructures. access control for the core Glenna infrastructure. It includes secure access to virtual machines and technologies for securing hypervisor and guest OS:s.
  • T3.4 - Security architecture and specification. Develop the specification and architecture of the security components in Glenna.
  • T3.5 - Security Analysis, Test and Evaluation. This task will carry out the necessary analysis, testing and evaluation of the security mechanisms for Glenna.
  • T3.6 - Knowledge sharing between the participating centers (moved to WP3 by SG decision, June 2015)

WP4 SaaS and PaaS development (initial focus on data analytics (Hadoop, Spark))

  • T4.1 - Data Analytics (DA) as a service, including development (PaaS) services.
  • T4.1.1 - DA Technology Roadmap - deciding on open source data analytics stacks for data analytics pipelines. Investigate options for SaaS and PaaS solutions for the Glenna infrastructure, building on Glenna partners experiences with e.g. Spark, Mesos, Hadoop 2.x. Experiences include user interactions and easy-to-use UI and visualization. Investigate data storage solution to support data locality objective to process large data sets.
  • T4.1.2 – Draft Architecture - preparing a draft architecture for the DA services, and defining needed pilots for evaluation
  • T4.1.3 – Validating and updating the architecture through PoCs - testing the architecture in an agile way, with users. Deciding on list of base services to deliver.
  • T4.1.4 - Roll out of base services, and update of roadmap.
  • T4.2 - Candidate (to be decided during year one) area to deliver as SaaS and PaaS, building on the experiences from T4.1.
  • T4.3 - Pilot a PoC service to enable sharing data as well as data processing pipeline among researchers from Glenna Partners.
  • T4.4 - Management and maintenance of above SaaS and PaaS solutions.

WP5 Policy / SLA / Legal (billing and accounting policy)

  • T5.1 - Requirements for SLAs in Clouds. This task will define the requirements needed for SLA management in Glenna.
  • T5.2 - Definition of Quality of Service. This task will define QoS parameters at different levels stack. Availability, Performance, and security requirements for the infrastructure components will be defined, covering network, compute and storage
  • T5.3 - Monitoring. The purpose of this task is to develop a monitoring solution to measure performance relative to the agreed Glenna SLA levels.
  • T5.4: - Billing and Accounting. This task will formulate a policy and design components for accounting and charging of the resources used across the Glenna service providers.

WP6 User training, Documentation and Dissimination (including scientific portals?)

  • T6.1 - Dissemination of project achievements. A communications plan will identify dissemination tools, audiences and the dissemination goals. The target audiences include targeted scientific communities, potential users and general public in the Nordic countries. Marketing material will include a project web site, flyers, background documentation and press releases. Communications will include social media i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. when appropriate.
  • T6.2 - Potential organization of training activities with training sessions for researchers.