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Agenda & Minutes

Meeting 2016-05-17 at 13:30-15:15CET

Present: Dan, Diba, Lars Absent:

Location: Google Hangouts:

Live minutes at:

1. Review of last meeting

Short recap about meeting with Mikael Krlsson about B2Drop and SAML authentication

2. Action points - progress & issues

3. Todays topics - issues to discuss:

Review WP1 deliverable draft (still work in progress) and answers to some relevant questions (DM) (below)

The WP1 deliverable draft is attached below.

Q: Will the product be ONE report - or a report per WP?

I think it will be one per WP and they ill not necessarily look uniform. The SG has not given any guidelines as of yet but I may have more info after next week.

Q: If one report - what will the introductory chapter look like? Will the chapters be in WP sequence?

Assumption is several reports i.e. no introduction for the whole project per se.

Who are supposed to read the report? Steering commitee obviously, but others, e.g. NordForsk? In other words, how much can we assume that people know og the project? And technical knowledge?

Primarily SG and NeIC management I would assume and anyone interested in the outcome of the project. One thing to keep in mind is that the Glenna services i.e. data Lifeportal etc. is the main har delivery.

Q: WP1 (and probably some of the other WPs) was designed with one vision in mind, but reality didn’t catch up - how to write us out of the tight spot? There is some history here.

I Think I understand what you're referring to and I have to say that the "waterfall" model of project management doesn't work well for projects like this. Most of the WP:s have undergone major change since we started but changing the project plan and hence the content of the deliverables has not been a major priority. Part of that has to do with who's actually working and the way the funding has been split up between the centers. My suggestion here is to be creative with the semantics of the WP subtask headlines and push the actual text towards what's actually been done.

4. Any other business

Martin will not attend the SG in Oslo next week.

5. Next meeting

Glenna Analytics WorkShop at CSC Finland.