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Agenda & Minutes

Meeting 2016-05-09 at 13:30-15:15CET

Present: Dan, Diba, Lars, Mikael Karlsson Absent:

Location: Google Hangouts:

Live minutes at:

1. Review of last meeting

2. Action points - progress & issues

3. Todays topics - issues to discuss:

Discussion with Mikael Karlsson from EUDAT primarily about SAML integration DeIC uses simpleSAML fro Mikael has consulted the source repository However, EUDTA plans to use Shibbolet for identification in the B2Drop service

B2Drop has currently about 100 users. around 700

There are differences in terms of use:

For instance EUDAT states that: B2DROP should not be used for personal, recreational, political or commercial purposes.

Review WP1 deliverable draft (still work in progress) and answers to some relevant questions (DM) (below)

4. Any other business

5. Next meeting

17.05.2016 continue discussion on deliverables