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WP4 Status meet Agenda & Minutes

Meeting 09nd of February at 12:00-13:00CET

Present: Andreas Hellander, Dan Still, Gurvinder Singh, Olli Tourunen

Channels: Google Hangouts:

Channels: Google Hangouts:

Live minutes at:

1. Review of last meeting

Andreas gave a review of the WP4 activities

2. Action points - progress & issues

No open action points

3. Todays topics - issues to discuss:

Olli presented Blueprints Olli willl write driver for Blueprints to launch kubernetes cluster Would it make sense to distribute Kubernetes over multiple clusters Blueprints could be used to deploy on SNICcloud Lifeportal at UiO Metacenter WS in Norge coming up

University of Tromsö will get one of the datacenters, other in commercial center (currently four centers) 1000 cores for kubernets. Datastorage shared same capacity in Tromsö and commercial center

4. Any other business

Jan Ivar to join IPnett Trondheim not to work

UiO and UiB still in UH Sky

5. Next meeting

Sometime in March