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Glenna steering group meeting

Time: Wednesday 2016-09-14 at 09:30-15:00 CET
Place: Radisson Arlanda Sky City Sweden

Approved:: 28th of September 2016


  • Martin Bech, representing DeIC, DK
  • Andreas Hellander, representing SNIC, SE
  • Hans A. Eide, representing UNINETT Sigma, NO
  • Magnus Gislason representing CSUI, IS
  • Jura Tarus, representing CSC, FI (until 16-25)
  • Vera Hansper, representing CSC, FI (from 16-26, Glenna-II)
  • Dan Still Project Manager representing NeIC
  • Michaela Barth, NeIC Generic Area Coordinator, representing NeIC, Chair



Glenna SG 16-20. Welcome and Presence.
Glenna SG 16-21. Approval of agenda and minutes from last meeting
Glenna SG 16-22. Final Report


Glenna SG 16-23. Deliverables Presentation
Glenna SG 16-24. Approving Deliverables
Glenna SG 16-25. Project Prolongiation
Glenna SG 16-26. Glenna 2 draft proposal
Glenna SG 16-27. AOB
Glenna SG 16-28. Next meeting


Glenna SG 16-20. Welcome and Presence

(5 min)

Decision: Everyone present. Magnus Gislason on AC as well as Vera Hansper (CSC).

Glenna SG 16-21. Approval of agenda and minutes from last meeting

(5 min)

Decision: Last meeting minutes already approved. Agenda approved.

Glenna SG 16-22. Final report

(20 min) Final Report Google Docs:


  • NeIC has not yet an example of a project final report for a large project. Current Glenna report should have more text on actual accomplishments i.e. add more facts. Add abstracts on WP accomplishments à la WP4.
  • Add info on PM:s spent by partners and add links to deliverables.
  • Add abstract/info on use cases

For future projects: reserve time for proper commenting rounds on the final report add timings! Final report will be read by NeIC board. Draft version should not be sent to board meeting on 30.09.


Project should implement above additions. Final report to be presented at NeIC Board meeting on the 7th of December.

Glenna SG 16-23. Deliverables Presentation

(20 min)

Link to materials (internal NeIC page):


  • WP2.5 is old and neglected, needs some updating. Relevance of 2.6 has changed, remove it altogether.
  • WP3: survey still missing in the WP3 overview.
  • WP4: language check needed.
  • Suggestion: store all documents in the Danish Data Cloud.
  • WP5 will be used by Dellingr --> project should hand them over officially.
  • WP5.2: low relevance.
  • Demos should be described in the deliverables? or rather in the prolongation.
  • WP5.4: marketing aspect could be more emphasized.
  • SMHI use case: put code in GitHub!! (more useful than the image).
  • Nico Budewitz report: how many people will use this?
  • Meteo use case has certainly raised level of awareness. Background could be more extensively described.
  • Observation: Some deliverables became obsolute, almost the moment they were written because things have moved so quickly.

Glenna SG 16-24. Approving Deliverables

(30 mins)


SG approves the deliverabes on the background of the SG's earlier observations and the exceptions to the changed projectplan.

Glenna SG 16-25. Project Prolongiation


Ideas for prolongation:

  • Organize training activity in Sweden. Workshops?
  • PDC could organize some video transmission.
  • Webinar?
  • Sahara presentation? Sahara provides Hadoop and spark as a service from a dashboard.
  • Shortened version of a cloud course?
  • Interview of Meteo part.
  • Produce of statistics on c-Pouta.
  • Write blog entries.
  • Conference presentations, Dan will have presentation at ECMWF UK workshop.
  • Internally promotion NeIC & providers.
  • SNIC User forum participation.
  • Services on intranets of different universities!!

Personnel for SNIC Science Cloud Sweden: Ingemar is 50%, Lars 50%, Salman 50%

SG recommend to utilize un-used PMs. AP on Michaela, Dan and Andreas for drafting a quick plan for the activities during the prolongation - with the amount and location of PMs in mind.

AP on Michaela to check with Pål on the contracts

Decision: N/A

Glenna SG 16-26. Glenna 2 draft proposal


Andreas Hellander will present to SNIC board.

Dissemination missing in proposal?

Discussion on relationship towards European cloud projects e.g. EGI federated cloud.


  • The SG view it as strategic to align the Glenna 2 directive to European cloud activities, e.g. the possibility of having a role in the result of the call on Data and Distributed Computing e-infrastructures for Open Science
  • Further guidelines on defining the relationships on the European level are expected from the NeIC board.
  • Further comments are allowed until tomorrow afternoon 15th of September.

Glenna SG 16-27. AOB

(15 mins)





Glenna SG 16-28. Next meeting

(5 min)


Tuesday 22nd of November 2016, Gardemoen.