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Glenna steering group meeting

Time: Wednesday 2016-05-25 at 09:30-15:00 CET
Place: Scandic Oslo Airport, Ravinevegen 15, 2060 GARDERMOEN, Norway, Tel +47 23 15 59 20

Approved: 08/06/2016


  • Martin Bech, representing DeIC, DK
  • Andreas Hellander, representing SNIC, SE
  • Hans A. Eide, representing UNINETT Sigma, NO
  • Sæþór L. Jónsson, representing CSUI, IS
  • Jura Tarus, representing CSC, FI
  • Dan Still Project Manager representing NeIC
  • Dejan Vitlacil, NeIC Generic Area Tecnical Consultant, representing NeIC
  • Michaela Barth, NeIC Generic Area Coordinator, representing NeIC, Chair



Glenna SG 16-12. Welcome and Presence.
Glenna SG 16-13. Approval of agenda and minutes from last meeting
Glenna SG 16-14. Project status report


Glenna SG 16-15. New Version of Project plan
Glenna SG 16-16. Nordic Cloud Collaboration Planning Group
Glenna SG 16-17. Future strategy
Glenna SG 16-18. AOB
Glenna SG 16-19. Next meeting


Glenna SG 16-12. Welcome and Presence

(5 min)

Decision: Everyone present

Glenna SG 16-13. Approval of agenda and minutes from last meeting

(5 min)


Agenda and minutes from last meeting approved

Glenna SG 16-14. Project status report

(20 min) Project_Status

Status overview of Glenna goals: Status and progress towards the project goals in attached pdf.

Green=good progress Red=not good progress


PM gave an overview of the project status


  • The UH IaaS project in Norway has enabled federated single sign on to OpenStack. Currently Norwegian users can log in to resources in Oslo and Bergen through Dataporten (Openid)
  • Glenna portal moving to
  • The BioExcel CoE VM images ( could be a good way to store and distribute ready made cloud images. There would be clear separation of responsibility. Individual sites take care of base operating system VM images and communities of specialize application VM images
  • Currently the project is busy finalizing the deliverables

PM inquired as to how present deliverables. One document or many? PDF:s or HTML based documentation?


Status approved

Deliverables in individual documents one per WP. PDF format. Good if project has time to make a web based document.

Glenna SG 16-15. New Version of Projectplan, Deliverables

(20 min)

The Project plan has been updated to reflect the current status of the project. Please also consult the attached appendices. Deliverablse


Appendix A Gantt Chart: .pdf

Appendix B Budget: .pdf

Appendix C Glenna PM Allocations per Country:.pdf


PM reported on time consumption. Project is on time and on budget. Since the last meeting no significant absences.

Decision: N/A

Glenna SG 16-16. Information on Nordic Cloud Collaboration Planning Group

(30 mins) This agenda item concerns the potential follow-up project to Glenna in the context of the Nordic eScience Action Plan 2.0. Chair presents


PM gave input (see attachment) for followup project (working name: Glenna II)

  • Discussion on the co-funding model. Co-funding is not transferable between centers.
  • Continuation of national cloud project in SE is important for Glenna II.
  • UNINETT Sigma2 pays full real cost, there is no in-kind from the sites.
  • Smart and faster way to redistribute funding needed.
  • The issues surrounding VAT on services will likely be a part of Glenna II.

Glenna SG 16-17. Future strategy

(30 mins) This agenda item aims at refining the objectives of the project.


Discussion: It would be desirable not loosing momentum gained in Glenna and consequently prolong Glenna for four months; primarily for dissemination, marketing the services and knowledge exchange. The Glenna project would officially end by the last of August and the use cases would end as of that date.

The resource sharing scheme and VAT issues would be part of the prolongation.

Glenna II funding could provide salaries (up to 1 FTE) until the last of December. Inform NeIC director and administrator about this.

  • AP: PM check on under-spendings and check what co-funding would still be available

In conclusion a prolongation until the end of December would be enough to keep project alive for:

  • analytics
  • intensified marketing: dissemination
  • keeping coordinating the efforts in the National clouds.


Prolong project until end of December and Glenna II in order not to loose momentum. The Nordic Cloud Planning Group will take over the remains to carry on, with Glenna formally finished.

Glenna SG 16-18. AOB

(15 mins)





Glenna SG 16-19. Next meeting

(5 min)


September 14th 2016 at Arlanda Airport, Sweden