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Glenna steering group meeting

Time: Monday 2015-11-27 at 10:00-12:00 CET
Place: Video Conference

Approved: 2016-02-29


  • Martin Bech, representing DeIC, DK
  • Andreas Hellander, representing SNIC, SE
  • Hans A. Eide, representing UNINETT Sigma, NO
  • Sæþór L. Jónsson, representing CSUI, IS
  • Jura Tarus, representing CSC, FI
  • Dan Still Project Manager representing NeIC
  • Dejan Vitlacil, NeIC Generic Area Coordinator, representing NeIC, Chair



Glenna SG 15-14. Approval of agenda and minutes from last meeting
Glenna SG 15-15. Project status report
Glenna SG 15-16. Glenna PM allocations
Glenna SG 15-17. Project results preview of DP5/6: Demonstration of concept with selected pilots from 3-5 Nordic countries.
Glenna SG 15-18. AOB
Glenna SG 15-19. Next meeting


Glenna SG 15-14. Approval of agenda and minutes from last meeting

(5 mins)

Decision: Approved

Glenna SG 15-15. Project status report

(30 mins) Project_Status.pdf

PM Allocation.pdf

Status overview of Glenna goals:

Status and progress towards the project goals in attached pdf. Green=good progress Red=not good progress

Discussion: DeIC: DTU needs information on Glenna budget and also needs to see the final signed collaboration agreement. NeIC should provide that. CSC: the real issue in WO5 is sharing of resources. Their should be an emphasis on results showing how we can share resources also after this project.

Decision: NeIC SG Chair puts "collaboration agreement to DeIC" on his to-do list.

Glenna SG 15-16. Glenna PM allocations

(20 mins) PM_Allocations.pdf

Review of the current personnel and PM allocaions. The Steering group is invited to discuss the PM allocations and decide on a new distribution.

Discussion: SNIC: UPPMAX has had a very low nr of PM:s allocated to UPPMAX and C3SE. This is updated in the new SNIC CLoud project plan. Swedish PM:s will likely be less of a problem in 2016, if SNIC CLoud is renewed. Glenna PM: really good people up in Umeå. Only resource that has SAML experience in Glenna which is appreciated.

Decision: Raise with the NeIC board the problems of resource. Project been running over a year and only now all WP:s has personnel.

Glenna SG 15-17. Project results preview of DP5/6:

(50 mins) Project_Results_Preview.pdf

Preview of the planned concept to be demonstrated with selected pilots from 3-5 Nordic countries. Overview of the services currently accessible through Kalmar2 and planned continuations.


Include the Glanna Status from each steering group member. If they have comments or questions regarding the project direction or whether we need to reasses something. PM: The items in the presentation are fundamentally the things that will be shown in February. How many of your national cloud initiatives are participating in EGI Fedcloud? SNIC: not currently, discussed in SNIC Cloud; DeIC: no; Sigma2: no; CSC: involved, but no technical implementation in CSC's cloud. Conclusion: CSC is the only country with collaboration Question to all members from SG Chair: What are your concerns opinions or comments whether project is on the right track? Short report to NeIC board, which is interested in feedback from the project participants.

Sigma2: Suggestion: Web page for the Glenna "entrypoint".


SNIC: The Project is on the right track. Creating a federated cloud is an ambitious goal and may be hard to achieve because of technical reasons. Emphasize that having federated identity alone will not solve Hybrid cloud computing problem altogether. Express concern about storage as a service as in WP1 because of the use cases can be mixed up. WP5 is really important, becuase of pricing models. Price tags on services could potentially lead to public procurement. We need a clear vision how this will work administratively in practice. Before having actual services it was hard to discuss the policies but now since we have some services there is something to discuss.

This is a important project and should continue. Can provide very valuable services.

CSC: The point originally was to find services maintained by different Nordic countries and pool these together and make them accessible in a federated way.

Important with networking for developers and operators. The project is going in the right direction, starting to shape up now.

DeIC: project has the ambition to achieve something that could be really valuable and which is very important but there is a real challenge to do that within the projected timeframe. Meessage to NeIC board: it's going well and in the right direction, but slower than anticipated and we need some kind of extension of this project

Sigma2: Agree with what's been said so far. It's taken longer than projected since it's a complex problem. Agree with Denmark and others: The project should continue.

Iceland: No voice audible. Iceland will send their comments in email

NeIC: Cutting edge project which many were eager to start quickly. But partners maybe not quite ready to commit resources from the very beginning. As far as NeIC is concerned cloud service will play an important role in NeIC strategy in the coming years. Recognized as an action point in the Nordic Action plan for e science. Apparently all partners agree on the importance of the Glenna project and its continuation. Should be an easy task to report to the NeIC board.

Glenna SG 15-18. AOB

Glenna SG 15-19. Next meeting

29.02.2016 XX.XX CET physical meeting. Location TBD