FAIR data management

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FAIR data management

This page contains public information about the FAIR data management group.


Background and Goals

Mission: Develop a science case for the concrete Nordic collaboration activities on FAIR research data management that can best serve Nordic research communities. The proposed activities should leverage, and not duplicate, national initiatives.


Members of the group:

  • Benjamin Pfeil (Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, NO)
  • Philip Buckland (Umeå Univ, SE)
  • Tuomas Alaterä (TUNI/FSD, FI)
  • Dag-Even Martinsen Torsø (USN, NO)
  • Kari Lahti (UHel, FI)
  • Katrine F. Holmestrand (DTU, DK)
  • Jessica Parland-Von Essen (CSC, FI)
  • Andreas Jaunsen, NeIC
  • Monica Lassi, NeIC (observer)


  • (to be collected here)

Public documents

Rolling minutes:


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