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Time: 2014-02-26 09:00-16:00
Location: Radison Blu SkyCity, Arlanda (Stockholm Airport), Sweden
Registration deadline: 2014-02-20


At the bi-annual NeIC meeting with national e-infrastructure directors on the 13/12/11 at Gardermoen the opportunity of a joint Nordic participation in EGI was discussed.

The current idea is to organise the coordinated engagement as a NeIC project within the Generic Area, with the aim of providing a single-point-of-contact for the Nordics to governance and to coordinate Nordic participation in EGI-related projects (and work packages).

From the Minutes of the Meeting at Gardermoen:

13-3. EGI – Nordic coordination

The future engagement of the Nordic countries in EGI is unclear. A coordinated Nordic engagement would likely give increased efficiency but could also have other interesting possibilities. For example, the Nordics could potentially take collective responsibility of one or more work packages of strategic importance, or at least decide collectively what work packages to engage in.

NeIC can co-finance the proposal writing process, as a project initiated top-down by the national e-infrastructures, and co-financed by the national e-infrastructures. This project idea is now being iterated among co-funding partners, to develop into a mature proposal that can be launched as a project.

The national e-infrastructure providers will now investigate:

  • What work packages to engage in.
  • Whether it is useful to have NeIC as a single point of contact toward governance.

  • What the deadlines are.
  • It was agreed that NeIC will call for a common meeting between the

Nordic EGI partners to bring the process forward.*

Discussion Material and Links

Suggested Agenda

Intended timeframe: starting at 9:00, closing at 16:00.

Please feel free to add suggestions for the agenda below:

Breakfast and Coffee

served from 8:00


  • 09:00 Welcome (Michaela Barth)
  • 09:30 - 10:00 NeIC: status and opportunities (Gudmund Høst, DRAFT slides sent out in advance)
  • 10:00 - 11:30 Statement of interest from the partners, should include:
    • Statements on good and feasible collaboration projects where your partner country could be interested to contribute
    • Statements on collaboration projects where you see your country in the leading position of a future workpackage.
    • Any other considerations of relevance
      • For DK: Rene Belsø
      • For IS: Ebba Þóra Hvannberg Slides as presented
      • For SE: Jacko Koster
      • For FI: Per Öster
      • For NO: Arild Halsetrønning
  • 11:30 - 12:30 EGI views on H2020 (Tiziana Ferrari)

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch

Workshop Discussion: Developing a Common View

  • Is there a sufficient large overlap of what we in the Nordics want to do?
  • Can we e.g. support EGI's grand vision to build a pan-European infrastructure for data analysis? Can we make use of it and integrate it in our National research infrastructures?

Workshop Discussion: Practical Realization

  • Timelines
  • Willingness to do this under NeIC umbrella
  • Not adding an additional layer, but simplifying processes and procedures with low overhead
  • Technical considerations
  • Planning actual proposal writing

14:30 - 15:00 Coffee break

Open Discussion

  • Preparations for the next Day's EGI Council meeting, White Paper on Nordic HPC collaboration, etc.


Registration and Participants

Please register by email to the NeIC Generic Area Coordinator Michaela Barth or add yourself to the list below.

Registration ends on 2013-02-20.

The workshop includes lunch and coffee, so please state any special dietary requirements.

Name Organisation Country Dietary Needs
Michaela Barth NeIC Sweden -
Gudmund Høst NeIC Norway -
Pekka Lehtovuori CSC Finland -
Per Öster CSC Finland -
Jacko Koster SNIC Sweden -
Arild Halsetrønning UNINETT Sigma Norway -
Åke Edlund SNIC Sweden -
Frederik Orellana DeIC Denmark -
Rene Belsø DeIC Denmark -
Ebba Þóra Hvannberg RHNet Iceland -
Tiziana Ferrari - -
Mattias Wadenstein NeIC Sweden -