E3DDS SG Meeting 20200512

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E3DDS steering group meeting

Time: 2020-05-12 10h00-11h30 CEST

Place: https://cscfi.zoom.us/j/9917669499


  • Craig Heinselman, EISCAT
  • Yasunobu Ogawa, EISCAT
  • Tomasz Malkiewicz, NeIC, Project owner
  • John White, NeIC, Project manager


Presence, approval of agenda (5')

Project status (15')

DO3 (10')

  • "Cluster Management for EISCAT_3D"
  • https://wiki.neic.no/int/E3DDS_Deliverable_3
  • Being worked on by Dan (UiT)
  • Draft almost completed.
  • Some clarifications on the "User" concept.. Experiment requester vs data analysis.
  • How to get two-factor authentication...? Needed.

DO4 (10')

  • https://wiki.neic.no/int/E3DDS_Deliverable_4
  • We consider 6 scenarios for EISCAT_3D services operation...
  • Ranging from fully in-house to fully outsourced.
  • Risk, Benefit, Cost Efficiency, Reliability, User Satisfaction.
  • Summary table (TODO).
  • Service proposal from NT1 to EISCAT_3D (before summer 2020).

Final Report (30')

Benefit Realization (20')

Lessons Learned (10')



Presence, approval of agenda

  • Present
    • Craig
    • Yasunobu
    • John
    • Tomasz
  • Agenda approved, no additions

Project status

  • Presentation by John
  • The flexibility on the E3DDS project side throughout the years has been appreciated by the EISCAT_3D Headquarters.
  • For the E3DDS shepherd, that will attend to the affiliates page and function as a contact, this will be current PM until the end of Aug 2020 and then Anders Tjulin from EISCAT after then.
  • Good that the project group has changed the paradigm of the DO3 as the issues with the FSRUs continue. Cluster Management and Admin/User logins are useful subjects.


  • The draft is almost completed. There are no comments from SG at this stage.
  • A draft will be produced for May 27th for SG to review.


  • A draft will be produced for May 27th for SG to review.
  • John and Mattias to work on service proposal from NT1 to EISCAT_3D (before summer 2020).
  • EISCAT has not made any final decisions on how/who to run the services.

Final Report

  • A draft of this DO1.1 for June 3rd, 2020.
  • If no comments, approved June 17th, 2020.
  • A cover page to be made with the NeIC Final Report template and this is the report to go to the affiliates page.

Benefit Realization

  • A final update was made by the SG.
  • It is to be followed-up occasionally through the NeIC Affiliate programme and Provider Forum.

Lessons Learned

  • The flexibility shown by the E3DDS project is appreciated.
  • Planning in advance for such projects is crucial: Is it a development vs. discovery project?
  • Expectation management in the agility of the project: the initial goals to be compared to the deliverables and outcomes.
  • There was a NeIC survey by Gudmund in Jan 2020. Tomasz will follow up with Gudmund and Yasunobu.


  • There is the EU regulations for shipment of equipment i.e. Export control issue.
  • Is there any 'dual use' cases, i.e., exploitable by others for other purposes exposed in the public documents on the public web page?
  • There is nothing in the documents produced by E3DDS that can be argued to be dual use
  • The SG work has been a valuable experience over the years of these projects (E3DS and E3DDS).